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Coin98 Wallet is arguably the revolutionary Super App Wallet. Because usually, if we use Multi Chain or Multi-Network, we have to download or have various Wallet Applications. But by using the Coin98 Super Wallet, we only need to use one Wallet Application. It is complete and includes all Multi Chain, Multi Network, or Cross Networks.

Coin98 Wallet is a “Super App” where you can store thousands of coins and tokens from various blockchains. Currently, Coin98 Super App supports many blockchains.

Tutorial Step By Step how to use Coin98 Wallet :

Download Coin98 Wallet on Play Store. After that, open the application and register for Coin98 Wallet using your Email or Mobile Number and verify. Then Create Password and Secure Password.

Next, Save your Private Key and Passphrase for the security of your account. If you lose your Private Key and Passphrase, you are in danger of losing the Crypto Assets in the Wallet. So save it on paper or a note that you think is safe.

To create Add Wallet Multi Chain Active
Step 1: Choose the More section
Step 2: At the Wallet tab, click Active Blockchains
Step 3: A multiples of Blockchain will show up; now tap your preferred blockchains. And click Confirm to finish activating process. The one with the light on means it’s activated

The action takes only a fraction of a second. And just like that, the inactive process operates in the same way!

After activating preferred Blockchains, move to check your wallets once again. As you will see, all the wallets supported by the Active Blockchain are automatically turned on. “Quick, Convenient, and Smooth”

#ShareYourChains #Coin98 C980JKF9BH
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