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Crypto Gaming Bear Market is Here. What's the Move?

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The crypto gaming bear market is here. Time to flee or go down with the ship?


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  1. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  2. Hey Jake! I know its not a AAA studio, but could you cover Fancy Games and their flagship game which releases today Fancy Birds? Great, entusiastic team and project! 👍😁

  3. Hmm, crypto gaming adds a lot of fun side to excitement, love Dragon evolution, don't know much about bear markets in gamefi, but this project might be a sustainable one

  4. awesome video Jake! I really dont like the title, may be because its the truth but you pointed out a lot of great reminders. I think you nailed it with this video!

  5. Go back in the DARK you should not be outside in the sun as a gamer! Lol

  6. really liked this different type of video style, some nice reflection and thoughts during these times!

  7. Yep this is awesome advice we are def in an accumulation stage with so much opportunity!

  8. I will stack GALA and keep rockin those P2E games! I don't get the mainstream hate for P2E and NFTs? I would rather buy a townstar NFT than any of the useless junk people are trying to shill now days.

  9. Good stuff Jake. I totally think you are right. Dollar cost averaging during down times is the way to find great long term success. Good projects suddenly aren't terrible.

  10. I don't think it's a bear market. The ups will start soon and we will see the altcoin rally. I think altcoins such as CCD, NEAR, TERRA (luna) will experience huge rises. CCD is still new but has potential to catch up with others.

  11. It was price before utility. I believe we are waiting for development to catch up with the hype

  12. Love from Saudi Arabia ❤️ Your Channel is very very informative!!!!❤️

  13. This guy is full of shit, he's inactive on his discord and so is his community.

    He is the bitboy Crypto of gaming NFTs.

    Wake up, he gets paid to shill positivitely.

  14. You would probably like this Move2earn game called StepN. On Solana and soon BSC. Everyone who tries it loves it straight away. Expensive to start but u get your investment back in 2-3 months playing.

  15. first few seconds i thought u were gonna say, guys crypto gaming bear market is here, I'm gonna hide in the woods for now. Bye

  16. Really interested in crypto and gaming. Hope this to be one of my retirement hobbies.

  17. love love love respect alote bro from UAE DUBAI i am learning alote from you and we all know that in which direction we are moving. thanks lote i dont miss your single video and recommond to my frnds as well bec you are doing soo awsome work keep it up bro

  18. Great video and energy. Nice of you to recognize your fans need comforted and you addressed this well.

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