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  1. Good news for RVST holders and stakers. By creating FNFT adoption and driving volume from the top down (only 4.3% of DAO treasuries are utilized to earn yield), income generated by Resonate will surge. This will then create massive demand for the Revest token, in order to stake it and gain exposure to this income. Resonate finance

  2. Dusty my young friend …. The script is written all the world's a stage…your looking at the shiney bottle cap(this is not important at all…). This world is Not for us….your on there river….

  3. Let him die and rot in federal prison, prosecute his ass to the fullest! If that was any other person they would be in jail immediately and prosecuted, why do these billionaires keep getting free passes? He knew exactly what he was doing, his entire family was in on it! I don’t believe anything this guy is saying, very powerful people are after him and he’s scared shitless, as he should be! He’s living a billionaire lifestyle and thinking he’s untouchable, and thinks that people are just going to let this pass? His actions affected millions of people if not billions by his business dealings, every action has consequences, and consequently prison time and or life is and should be the outcome!

  4. He's throwing all that out there to confuse everyone. If we're all focused on his crazy rantings, his words, we aren't focused on what he is actually doing, his actions. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT PEOPLE DO, not what they say.

  5. You are either clueless or are really good at appearing so. At the center of this crime there is a cabal led by Gary Gensler, to prattle on about sbf sanity is smokescreen and distraction from the obvious political agenda behind it all. Campaign finance crimes are rife in it all.

  6. @Bankman-Fried " Me thinks though dost protest too much"!! Aww… the guilt of on over-explainer….. smh 🤪🤪

  7. Any exchange that uses your money should have zero fees as they are getting paid in other ways.

  8. Ripple is registered as a partner with the World Economic Forum so you can be sure that this is all ashow and sooner or later XRP will be used everywhere. This is the NWO agenda for the new financial system!

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