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Crypto Is An Unstoppable Force – True DeFi Will Win! FTX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX, PulseChain

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  1. You're still here peeps! Keep fighting…live your life! Keep eyes open. The next 6-12 months will be the toughest for people. Reality truly sinks in. A lot will tap out…and never return. That is until the market peaks again end 2025 probably. You'll see them fomo in at the worst time again …don't be that guy …Market then takes downturn. Rinse and repeat.

  2. So glad you bought this up for Hexo and Matti. Hope ppl stop the unnecessary rubbish, thanks for what you do for the community..

  3. It’s free to buy on Robinhood and you can transfer your crypto in and out with the crypto wallet. Screw Coinbase. Can’t wait for DeFi on-ramp!

  4. SEC deepstate in bed with FTX. Maintain your freedom of speech, you are a beacon of good vibes for the Hex and Pulse community! Thank you for everything your doing.

  5. Richard definitely needs to either acquire or start his own exchange so that we can have safe fiat on and off ramping. None of the big players in the space feel safe anymore.

  6. Timestamps

    00:03:28 SEC Investigations

    00:06:49 Hexo taking a break, donations to streamers

    00:12:00 Chilling effect, SEC, Speaking out

    00:16:30 0xCoast fiat on/off ramp

    00:18:45 What's up with Mati, Hexo, Johnny?

    00:27:08 Pulsechain launch dip

    00:29:32 HEX Strength, Real De-Fi coming to PulseChain

    00:33:33 FTX Drama

    00:35:14 SEC Investigations and donations to streamers

    00:38:20 Kevin O'Leary, HEX unaffected by FTX

    00:41:39 POLY

    00:45:07 Coin Fatigue

    00:50:23 WAGMI, CEX is like a toilet

    00:51:58 Staker App, Johnny Chaos, Kraken and Coinbase

    00:54:35 Liquid Loans, Matcha, 1inch, Mario's Spaces

    00:56:13 Random comments and questions

    01:03:35 SBF Insider, De-Fi Regulation possible?

    01:04:50 Missed PulseChain any DCA tips?

  7. These are exciting times. Surely it just serves to wake people up. Change is necessary for society to grow.

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