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Crypto Just WRECKED Zuck's Metaverse

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I am the co-founder of http://soylent.com and http://lucy.co, both of which were funded by Y Combinator (Summer 2012 and Winter 2018).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last decade across multiple companies. I’ve done a lot of work in Silicon Valley, so that’s mostly what I talk about. I’ve raised over 10 rounds of venture capital totaling over $100m in funding.

I work mostly in tech-enabled consumer packaged goods, meaning I use software to make the best products possible and then deliver them to the widest possible audience. I’m a big fan of machine learning, python programming, and motion graphics.

Why Facebook is Spending Billions on the Metaverse – https://youtu.be/QvZSdDC9rWo
The Only Reason SpaceX Works (Gwynne Shotwell) – https://youtu.be/K1xWaua-nLI
Peter Thiel’s Big Bet on Space Manufacturing – https://youtu.be/1FNQ108h8iM

You can get in touch with me via Twitter: https://twitter.com/johncoogan

Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as a primary source. I am not a financial advisor and this is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Always do your own due diligence.


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  1. Fact: The great majority is missing the point of the real Metaverse. In my opinion only a Browser based App will be capable of integration, compatibility and decentralization.
    No one will get anywhere as long as we keep thinking in terms of App stores and native apps.

  2. Being locked in a virtual world from reality becomes a health issue. Especially when corruption takes over and selfworth declines.. My friend was a heavy gamer , overweight eventually he took his life. The word META in Hebrew means ' Is Dead ' They're creating a dead world. Losing ourselves from reality.

  3. I will never invest in stocks again with the amount of darkpool trading and manipulation I rather crypto that is open and every transaction can be tracked.

  4. No One with a Real Brain wants anything to do with the Wack Ass Metaverse. Your channel is really Great though. God Bless You and Your Loved Ones Extra Much! I just Subbed!😊👍👍🤜💖🤛

  5. Crypto Just WRECKED the Virtual Reality, because most people cant buy good hardware for play high quality games, and there is not new VR games because of this

  6. just a rectification at 11:50 there is a misinformation the inventor of airplane is Alberto Santos-Dumont

  7. thank you for making REAL CONTENT about the metaverse! i’m so sick of people just associating gary vee with NTFS😂 we need more education like this!!

  8. Hi John your content is being completely copied by Aditya Saini word by word including the title.I respect the effort you make and seeing it being ripped off and being monetized is just wrong especially since he makes no effort to acknowledge your contribution.

  9. 3:50
    Anytime a new technology comes along there are switching costs, people naturally develop habits and getting them to ditch what they are used to in favor of something new is never easy.

  10. I think that one look at the top wallets of any crypto will show you that the narrative of the crypto revolution is dead the old suspects sweep in all ready wall streets own most of it

  11. Most people who use crypto do so precisely because they do not trust large corporations. That's the whole point of crypto. So, crypto pushed by large corporations is like oil companies trying to push their products on electric car enthusiasts. They are talking to the wrong crowd.

  12. Yet another thing that just destroyed Zuck's Metaverse? How is he ever going to get it to succeed?

  13. Yeah but for real though, NFTs and Crypto is a scam. It's says it's want to be an alternative to traditional currency that has inflation problems – Whilst the value of bitcoin can swing $10,000 at any given minute. If you had your life savings in Bitcoin it could lose 20 grand in 10 minutes. That won't happen with USD or GBP.

    There's also horrendous fees involved with Crypto. If I send money form my main bank to my travel card – it's free. No fees. If I send money to my family – it's free. If I want to make a small purchase with BTC – it can have a $15 fee. It's ridiculous.

    Not to mention the privacy violations. Anyone can see exactly what you're buying. Yes it's anonymous, but once they link it to you – now they can look back and see anything you ever bought or supported.

    AND there's no security. Yes it's tracked on a ledger so it's can't be hacked or intercepted – but if you lose your 20 word phrase (and it's not advised to write it down – just like you wouldn't write down a password) then it's gone. For good. If I lose my bank card, I can go in to a bank and they can give me a new one. If I have my lifes savings in my Crypto wallet and I forget the phrase. Good bye money. Gone forever.

    It really is just a stupid scam. People got excited and sunk a lot of money in and now they have to fight every day to pretend that it's not Bs or they'll lose all their money.

  14. Crypto will be banned soon because of illegal money laundering and terrorist activities, so don’t have any hopes and don’t loose your money.

  15. Mark can't move the market even if he bought all the crypto in the world. He's a has been

  16. a common currency is hardly the friction that prevents assets created in one game from moving to another. Think about it assets: you create assets in one game that behaves a certain way. How would this even be supported in some other random game?

  17. Hmmm. I see all your point here. But still, NFT is total bs. Imagine having 10 website of next Earth. And you spend millions just to buy your property there. It not even real. Crypto on the other hand is different. No One really hate crypto. Unlike NFT, at least those crypto currencies have value on their own(most of them. From what i know). People can at least use it to pay the bill, buy something online. Maybe we can even pay taxed with it. Well, my opinion is a bad One. You do research more than i do. Thanks for sharing this

  18. Zombie World Z will close testnet soon guy, so i think they will release open now. Metaverse Zwz will uptrend 2022, join to play and take profit

  19. I may be picky about cryptocurrency investment but I'm glad that crypto did the right thing.

  20. Every crypto investor right now just smiling at the price of crypto as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROl.more person are gonna become millionaires and we have crypto thanks for that

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