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Crypto Market Technical Analysis 16 APR 2022, Price Predictions, TLM, BLOK, RUNE, APE & LUNA.

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00:09 – BTC Analaysis
02:23 – TLM Analaysis
04:54 – BLOK Analaysis
07:51 – RUNE Analaysis
10:48 – APE Analaysis
12:54 – LUNA Analaysis

In this video, I have Discussed about BTC, TLM, BLOK, RUNE, APE & LUNA.
All the analysis is valid for medium-short term.
Trades are Risky this time.
Make sure to use STOP-LOSS in all the trades, in-case of market manipulation.

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  1. Ilme alam telegram mai apne signal diya LUNA Ka buy krnay ka 79 aur sell target 89. Yahan ap kah rahay 79 se 82 tak…. What's this.

  2. Before Trade(Demo Account)

    Don’t Trade with Sentiments

    But must watch people Sentiments

    Scalping 1 day advance

    Follow trend

    Minimum 20$ deposited Advance

    2 trade 10$

    Make a stop loss must

    1 indicator

    1 Strategy

    Technical Analysis

    Funda mantel Analysis

    Don’t buy dip after loss

    Long term Plan is Best

    4th H Chart for monthly Trade

    15 mit Chart For 1 Day

    Draw Sport and Resistance

    Make Sure about 24 H Volume

    Floatation is Important

    Must Cheak Trade Fee

    Do not Trade to recover Your Loos

    Just Trade for make huge profit

    Make Different Trade Position for buy or sell time

    Not invest only single stock

    Wait after/Before 1 Crash Must

    Never Never Never Trade on Loan

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