Crypto red flags and crypto crash: Former regulator explains – Maureen Jensen

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Maureen Jensen, former head of the Ontario Securities Commission, warns of the risks of investing in cryptocurrency exchanges, and talks about the future of mining with David Lin, Producer and Anchor at Kitco News.

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0:00 – Crypto exchange problems
6:32 – Celsius and Binance
8:44 – Crypto regulation
11:29 – Crypto red flags
12:46 – Bipolar world, inflation, supply chains
15:37 – Mining costs and inflation
17:16 – Mining as a career
19:41 – Metals of the future

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  1. Money is not safe in the bank either which is why bail ins happen around the world and are a genuine threat. This woman doesn’t like it because she doesn’t want to give up the power. Yes there are scams out there but holding your own money is the only solution in an over leveraged world

  2. Always boggles my mind why the US is so slow to do basic regulation. The US seems to be stuck in Wild West mode, and sometimes literally (Southside Chicago)

  3. Ignorant, deceitful, or both? I’m sure she knows about all sorts of things I don’t, but she made some wildly uninformed, or perhaps misleading statements.

  4. You are the owner of that share once you buy it says she? "Ahem… I forgot to tell you one little thing," "We here at the OSC turn a blind eye to naked short selling of shares of companies who cannot defend their share price." You regulators lack ANY integrity madam. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN TALK ABOUT CRYPTO until you've dealt with your acceptance of COUNTERFEITING!!! Otherwise known as naked short selling.

  5. Don’t lock 🔒 yourself into a Fiat future’

    Talk of digital passports tied to your bank account, and world 🇨🇦 🌍 events are reminders of the 🔑 importance of Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto.

  6. Anyone can mint a metal coin for pennies on the dollar and say it has value. Gold or Silver on the other hand costs lots of money to produce. The intrinsic value of Gold or Silver is its cost to get it out of the ground. Anybody smell a scam here? It's like paying good money for tulip bulbs. Really? When will folks wake up???

  7. Who is causing these issues that are causing the turmoil around the world? US sanctions punish Europe and North America. NATO brought military to Putin, Putin had to defend herself. Virus was not natural and launched as a bio weapon. I wish "experts " would start talking about responsibility instead of blame.

  8. Did anyone saw those crypto bugs trying to get people into crypto. I want to buy some 😀

  9. Did she really say that stock exchages give you real shares and you own them? LMAO, more like you get IOUs and they are owned by DTCC

  10. Blockchain was Made to Keep

    the Wealthy

    holding Wealth and The Undereducated Broke

    Do you want to be the reason your grandkids get Killed by Digital Programmable Money ?

    Digital Programmable Money . CBDC's like China .

  11. I can see why she’s so revered. She knows her stuff. Great interview, thanks.

  12. I'm confused because I thought if you put it in a cold storage wallet it was in there

  13. Thanks for the laugh out out loud moment… "the goal of the regulators is investor protection"!!!
    How about the goal of the regulators is control, traceability and taxability, nothing more, nothing less?

  14. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $6,000 and now earning over $19,000.

  15. Btc NEEDS Rules? Isn’t, rules without rules, one of Bitcoin’s Bullshit Slogans.

  16. Easy..those exchanges just need to open a trust account with the bank where all the deposits are put in. The exchanges cant touch the money.

  17. The issue with these traditional finance people, my theory, is that they are trying to put the horse inside the car… Dont get it? look st how the car disrupted the horse industry 😉
    People back then used same mentality to debunk cars.
    How can a horse fit with the car? its not possible.. its dumb.. cars are dumb.
    Maybe, just maybe, we have to adapt our OLD protocols and trading processes in order to maximize this new disruption? 🙂

  18. Biden wants to lift Trump tariffs on China and we will be in trouble when China owns and builds everything. Thanks again Biden for F ing over Americans.

  19. Maureen is actually not telling the whole truth.
    When you buy equitities in exchanges that are so called regulated. You DO NOT always own the equitiy. The exchange can work as a nominee and custodian that owns the equities on your behalf.
    Also, these exchanges are operated behind extreme closed doors and close to impossible for regulators to investigate the truth.
    Want proof? look at Robinhood! 😉

  20. Whats worse than that, is the regulated banks can , will, and have blocked withdrawals in times of panic. So what's the difference? Nothing!!! If you don't hold it, you don't own it!!!

  21. US/Canada/western sanctions have led to the reduction of Russian supplies of oil and gas.
    This were self imposed western sanctions, Russia didn’t reduce Oil and gas supplies

  22. Mining is an excellent career if you don't give a shit about the environmental destruction it creates.

  23. Binance is regulated in many jurisdictions.
    Even in the traditional finance there are blocks as well.
    The commodities market was shut down for weeks after spikes a couple of months ago.

  24. Just think about this some clown said yellow rock is valuable and crypto can do it too just let the people decide the government’s have all the yellow rocks controlling who will be wealthy

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