Cryptobros Think GTA6 Will Be A "Play to Earn Metaverse"

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Please no.

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  1. He's more excited over videogames becoming justo gold farms for east asians, indians and venezuelans like any fucking mmo, than ir being a good fun Game.

  2. Crypto, play to ear is so idiotic. That talking about next GTA is don't know what he talks about it

  3. The biggest problem with epic games store, is that it's shit, comparitively. I found that options are always a key indicator of how much content a piece of software has, and epic games store has about 15… Steam? About 200 or so in it's settings menu, before you even get in to things like friends list, profile settings, SteamVR, etc.

  4. The only P2E I'm playing is DEEPSPACE $DPS I'm still making profits, it's in the BSC and it's about space exploration, they're adding more updates 🚀

  5. I doubt this will happen even if Take 2 has a hardon for introducing NFTs in games. Just how will you keep the 12YO from spending in the game if we are talking about "real currency". No way is R* interested in policing the game 24/7/365. They already have a really hard time (and don't really seem interested in keeping them out) with hackers.

  6. That guy feels like he should be on some late night home shopping channel trying to scam elderly out of their money for cheap products.

  7. Why do these metabros always seem to talk to the camera like they're talking to kids? Oh wait, nevermind…

  8. this guy on chain gaming has huge bags on gala games and mirandus… he is a big shill and gala is best on feasting gamers… just goto townstar and do some research on benefactor.. they have 1 working beta game with 100 bugs and selling nfts for 1000's of usd… u can make an awsome video if u just goto townstar and ask abt whats going on over there… slowest rug pull in crypto = gala games… their game library is huge with 1 working beta game and 100 bugs since 2 years… thats the truth

    gala games mainnet was suppose to get released on april which is not out yet, peter molyneux scam game was about to have alpha testing on april still not out yet,,,, town star play to earn is shut down…. If you ask anything the douchebag ceo(benefactor) bans you out of discord and tells everyone to sell nfts calling gala a rug pull… if u ask for roadmap u get banned

  9. I just imagine a crypto bro buying the most expensive car in the game then get shot in the head and getting car jacked by a guy in a chicken costume

  10. Crypto really became so gross I remember loving the idea when it started but it has become so cringe !

  11. If anything, depiction of the cryptocurrency, NFT, and cryptobros in a GTA game will be more of a comicalized mockery than the embracement of them as the future.

  12. This guy is irritating to listen to. Especially since it reminded me of Cryptoland.

  13. There is a lot of narrative content to be had with crypto in GTA, but I don't think the narratives will be what cryptobros want

  14. Hes admitting that crypto is criminal activity without saying it criminal activity, checkmate 😏

  15. The way this cryptobro talks sounds almost exactly like Goofy, he’s just missing the “hyuk-huk!” at the end of every second sentence. Me thinks he was taken advantage of.

  16. This guy knows his target audience for sure. He talks like a character on a show made for children.

  17. You have honestly made a good choice in covering the crypto/NFT bro space. Its endless free content.

  18. I want the stuff this crypto bro is on because that shit must be real good if he can get "Play to Earn metaverse" from "Crypto as an in game currency like how money works in GTA 5" and it must be godly if he thinks that Steam's monopoly on games will suddenly be toppled by a very very small fraction of people who want this compared to the masses who don't

  19. The inclusion of Bitcoin currency is another way for rockstar to milk money out of gamers. It’ll be a premium currency like in the now dead Rdr 2 online which has gold. They’ll hand out very few in the missions but sell them by the boatload in the store. Gta 6 story line will probably be very short only 25-50 missions. Gta sa has 100 main story missions gta 4 had 88. Gta 5 has 69. The trend since SA has been less focus on ground breaking immersion and more cash grabs. Gta 5 didn’t even have an DLCs for single player. This is terrible news rockstar is about to kill a staple franchise.

  20. I was just about to make a "Sponsored by Gala Games" joke and then he actually was.

  21. If GTA6 (or whatever huge game franchise) actually had real crypto in it, I can only say enjoy playing against a MASSIVE influx of cheaters, scammers, exploiters and bots. If you thought Chinese gold farming was a problem you haven't seen NOTHING yet.

  22. this is what we call a shill. He is against your interests. Real Money should never be an important factor in playing video games. If you want to focus on money, you should go into Finance.

  23. That guy's presentation is too hard to watch. His presentation, also, makes me want to tune him out. I think he took a bit too much of his medication the morning he recorded his vid.

  24. In the Doomsday heist mission, Lester – the tech /smart guy- literally said "crypto is a bubble", that heist was release even before the NFT hype even started

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