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Daniel Naroditsky On Magnus-Hans Peaceful Resolution #chess #shorts

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I mean I could bet you know Silver Dollar on is that Hans did not cheat in the singfield Cup game and we get a peaceful resolution well that’s always what I what I want I think a peaceful resolution would be possible because the positives that came of this

Is that the anti-cheating measures are taken more seriously now and that’s a good thing now would Magnus and Hans ever like shake hands and you know let bygones be bygones well that would probably require Magnus to make a public statement that he withdraws his accusations of cheating from like the singfield cup

But I don’t I don’t think we’re going to see something like that

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Streamer: Daniel Naroditsky
Daniel Naroditsky is a 24-year-old Grandmaster and a very popular chess streamer. He is Stanford University grad. Bay Area born and raised, but he lives in Charlotte, NC since December 2019, coaching and streaming full-time. Hop into his stream for great chess, good tunes, and an amazing community!!
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