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DAO News Report: September 7, 2022 – featuring Samantha Marin of Aragon

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Recent headlines, tweets, and posts about DAOs from around the web; plus, I interview Samantha Marin of Aragon.

0:00 – Intro
2:36 -[Slow Ventures Raises Stakes on Crypto Governance with ‘Timber sDAO’](
8:55 – [DAOs: The end of bosses?](
12:43 – [DAOs are Still Growing Despite the Bear Market. Here’s Why](
16:23 – [Dark Matter, Water, and the Word “We”: Describing power in DAOs](
24:26 – [Coordinape on Twitter: “Decentralized teams need web3 native tools, built by people who know how DAOs work and how they can be better.Today we’re proud to introduce CoVaults, built by our decentralized team for your decentralized team🧵 / Twitter”](
29:58 – [Orca Protocol is now Metropolis](
38:57 – Meet Samantha Marin


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