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DCA: Is Crypto All One Decentralized Ponzi Scheme?

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 $18,700 – New Magnetic Support Level
05:00 Jumping Out of a Basement Window
06:07 BTC & Crypto – Decentralized Ponzi Schemes per Jamie Dimon JP Morgan
12:50 DXY vs Bitcoin – Can BTC withstand DXY Strength?
18:55 CZ Says Crypto Should Decouple from Stocks
26:18 SEC The SEC is Angling to Take Authority Over All Ethereum Transactions in SPRK Suit
30:00 Audience Q&A


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  1. The best show on YouTube! Three crypto characters providing three differing viewpoints. Does not get better! Thank you Rob, Ben and James!

  2. the whole time "BTC is a store of value" thanks to James everybody knows that coinbase was selling BTC, Tesla then afirmed this as well… we need to stop lying each other… if it is a real store of value.. you don´t go into panic and sell it like if it was sugar under the rain.

  3. Idea for next show. Look at the top 50 – secretly choose an amount (not specific tokens) that each of you think is Ponzy schemes. Only amount.

  4. I don't think three crypto youtubers are going to say crypto isn't a decentralised ponzi scheme even if it was. This topic would be better covered by having eg Liron Shapiro or David Gerard to debate this.

  5. IF Ben is unwilling or unable to provide an opinion, then why do you continue to have him on? He has a strong opinion on pretty much nothing.

  6. Yeah the FED are doing the right thing after doubling the dollar supply in circa two years. Create inflation and then destroy the global economy to fight the monster you let out the cage. Bizarre that this scenario isn't examined in more detail. I guess that's too "tin hat" for the cogs of the machine.

  7. The dollar is so strong because all Europe is buying LNG from US IN DOLLARS. Most favoured country of the Ukrainian Russian war is the US.

  8. Its like anything else same for gold and silver ik only for bitcoin other projects CEO can freeze tour account anytime

  9. Ben looking younger and younger these days! Not all negative effects in this bear market……At this rate he might look his actual age by 2024😂

  10. Can we just say ‘ everything is shit right now and it might get word and prob will’

  11. Thanks guys for posting your DCA religiously. Mr Diamond has no credibility AND no accountability for all the lies.

  12. The Russian Ministry of Finance and its central bank have agreed on a draft bill allowing bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for international trade settlements.

  13. Thank you! Slightly in shock here in England – not sure whether the government are being brilliant or reckless. Time will tell… Thank you for your calm analysis as always! 🙏🏻

  14. Not much more downside ? You have been saying that for months and yet it keeps going. 10-13k is almost a certainty and below that is quite likely. If up to 50% is not much more downside there you are correct ?

  15. Ww3 has already started. It's just not been acknowledged yet by the assholes we call "world leaders" 🤡🌎

  16. Ben's seearch space is so combinatorially explosive thaat he has difficulty choosing what's relevant.

  17. You might aswell have had two random guys off the street being interviewed tonight James. Must have been painful for you. No idea what Ben offers other than T-shirts and he doesn’t even own any crypto. I’ll stick to your usual videos for now and pass on DCA. Thanks

  18. Hey Rob, Boomers are smarter than you think. And you might think twice before you insult the largest, and most well-funded generation in human history. Quit being so gen-centric. You are NOT that clever yourself. Makes you sound UNPROFESSIONAL.

  19. Great blend of opinions, backgrounds and personalities. These are the guys to see you through a bear market and to listen to in a bull.

  20. You're having some kind of feud against Rob? He's like the nicest guy, I guess that says everything about you

  21. Is this like a childish game of asking Ben first then Rob? Lol, it's extremely weird. You seem totally unhingedtbh

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