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All right this is 333 crypto tonight we’re going to chat we’re going to get a little market update we’re going to talk some defy we’re going to talk Bitcoin and ethereum and we’re going to chat a little about ZK sync and the ecosystem that will be coming with the release

Of z k sync now remember folks everything I say is madness it’s hypothetical and for educational purposes only don’t make any financial decisions but do try to learn what you can because I believe I believe no doubt about it that Defy is the future that crypto is

The future and I think no matter how hard they try no matter how hard they huff and puff no matter how hard they jump up and down we are not going anywhere and I think they know that and I think their goal and you know who I’m

Talking about when I say them the manipulators the folks in power um they know that crypto and defy are the future and the Central Bank digital currency is going to be a big part of the future monetary system I’m not a fan of it but I know better than to panic until it’s

Time to panic I guess but we’ll have to see where all that goes but ultimately everything becomes digitized everything will ultimately go on chain and we’ll have cryptocurrencies we’ll have digital currencies and it is what it is and I believe they’re trying to scare a lot of

Folks out of it because they’re back dooring okay they’re coming on board through the back door why they’re forcing us all out of the front it’s pretty typical for the way they do things on Wall Street you know but it is what it is so I think crypto is doing

Great Bitcoins had a good couple of days last Friday I suggested that after the usdc d-peg and the manipulation and the bank issues that we’d see a pop back up on bitcoin and we’ve seen it and now the resistance with Bitcoin is really at about 25.5 I

Believe if we can get through there then 30 is the next number now a bit boy he has a big channel so you have to pay attention to what bit boy has to say he believes we could see 30 by the weekend and I’m kind of of that same belief I

Just think it could take a tad bit longer but I do believe 30 is the next stop and then 33k after that and ethereum everyone knows I love ethereum ethereum continues to burn 1710 look at this how ethereum held up quite nicely on this price run all the way up to 1775

Or so here in the past 24 hours and I think it’s going to run higher but look at Heath burn you know people forget ethereum is burning sixty four thousand two hundred and ethereum have burnt since the merge 180 days ago that is beautiful folks now remember it’s just

Not about burning right which decreases total token Supply but we’re not having to pay miners tons of ethereum now like we used to so this is all super bullish for ethereum the growing ecosystem around ethereum is bullish you know we’re going to chat today about arbitrum we’re going to chat

Briefly about optimism or touch upon those chains and we’re going to chat about ZK sync and ZK sync optimism arbitrum all of these are built upon what folks quicksand no no ethereum ethereum and that’s why I’ve always said ethereum is King well other than Bitcoin which is the true story value but

Ethereum is King and everybody should have a little bit of Bitcoin and a little ethereum in their wallet so we’re going to look at ZK sync because we want to Snoop around here and kind of see where things are at but before we do that let’s look at defy Lido is still king

Um in total value market cap and that type of thing uniswap is really number three dies a stable coin that’s number two we’re going to kind of stay around the top 10 or 20 today chain link because oracles are essential in defy it’s categorized as a D5 you know token seven

Dollars everybody knows that link basically ties everything together through oracle’s chain link could certainly go higher lydo Dow we picked this one up we were lucky on my Channel at about 80 cents it’s it’s really gone great you know we were in uniswap from day one I I brought my folks here into

Lido here at 80 cents we were happy with that Ave we’ve been around since day one remember when the Ave symbol was lend l-e-n-d yes many people don’t but it used to be but Ave is is one of the big D5 protocols that we need to pay

Attention to and there’s been some nice upgrades here but I’m not going to get into those tonight because we’re going to have to gingerly jump back into all of these especially since I think for the remainder of 23 and into 24 the bull market is on now on my channel I like to

Find super duper wonderful awesome and good early gems gems that could 100x or more for us and that’s what we’re going to try to do and we’ve chatted about some of those recently we’ve chatted about Silo right we’ve chatted about a couple a couple good ones Perpetual Finance we’ve

Chatted about GMX a bit so we need to pay attention to those also but synthetics looks good rocket pool remember this is a protocol that does what Lido does you can stake your ether rocket pull I wanted to bring this one to you earlier but rocket pool folks

It’s got a market cap of 8 to 818 million a TV yellow 1 billion now when we get this Shanghai upgrade here with upgrade with upgrade the Shanghai upgrade uh probably in early to mid April or what you might see is folks moving out of Lido and into rocket pool I

Personally like Lido better but it’s really all about what the money you got to follow the money and if rocket pool is going to offer a better deal a better interest rate than Lido you might see money migrate here okay and I’ll be interested to see what ZK sync offers in

That regard right because ZK sync is going to have some D5 protocols and some exchanges that literally trade with the click of a button boom click of the button you’re not going to have to approve anything in metamask you’re not going to have to do anything tricky it’s

Going to be as fast as coinbase or binance and that’s those are some of the you know exchange type things and D5 protocols that are going to be coming to ZK sync so we’re going to be chatting in fact I’m going to bring a gem out to you

In the next couple of days off of ZK sync and you must remember it isn’t released yet it’ll be released in a couple of weeks and when it does anything that’s on there could potentially do a moon run super high so we’re going to have to pay attention and

See where all that goes but yes money could migrate to Rocket pool from Lido so we’ll have to pay attention there there was a little bit of stink around maker recently because of dye depegging a bit compared when usdc did I’m not concerned about that why Terra Luna

Classic is here I don’t know but it is you know congrats to anyone that got that cheap after that debacle where um you know the whole thing with Terra Luna and dokwon apparently there’s there’s going to be an investigation related to that you know they’re trying to spin up

And stir up any type of negativity they can around crypto especially defy especially ethereum and Bitcoin but we’re going to roll with the punch and we’re going to be patient because we know it’s the future now curve just recently set records over the weekend on the amount of Trades and the number of

Fees generated by the protocol because of all this madness when folks were what Panic selling Panic selling right at that dip where I said and you can watch my prior videos I’ve said hey buy that dip on ethereum it wasn’t Financial advice everything here paper hypothetical Madness type stuff but I

Did think buying that dip on ethereum and Bitcoin was smart and I thought buying the dip on usdc at 90 cents was smart and that proved to be true so curve’s been on fire it’s been doing great and that leads us right to convex right and convex anyone that follows my

Channel knows I love convex we got into this protocol early on when it first came out we got it for a very good price even cheaper than it is now but we know that convex can be integrated into curve to earn rewards and that’s why we like

This token and this had an all-time high of sixty dollars and I did have viewers that sold this thing darn close to 60 because they told me you know who knows what’s the truth right but nonetheless they shared it with me and I’ve had several of my wonderful great and

Awesome viewers tell me thank you for introducing them to convex and I appreciate you all’s kindness when you do that remember we’re going to get some right we’re going to get some wrong we’re going to plant some seeds that don’t seem to grow for a while and we

Might might sit on them and we might wonder why they’re going down but when the bull market comes they’re all going to run higher the seeds are going to grow we’re going to have plants that become trees we’re going to have trees that become forests and then we’re going

To drive our four-wheel drive Lambo through that Forest just kidding folks remember it’s not about money it’s about it’s really just about making the most of your days living a good life I always say to God you know if you could just all I need is today right I don’t need a

Fortune I don’t need a mansion I don’t need a Lambo I really just need my next couple of meals I need a roof over my head and I want joy in my life enjoy can’t be bought with money right it can be bought with love and kindness and

Exercise and trying to make the most of your days but it can’t be bought with money so don’t forget that sometimes it’s easy to focus on money because money is kind of like the reward for playing the game right um and and you know some of us are

Trying to make a living here some of us are trying to get that Lambo some of us are just trying to get by but nonetheless our goals are the same to become educated and smarter people and let’s hope that crypto balloons up as we suspect it might dydx we haven’t talked

About um we’ll chat about that more Loop ring we’ll look at more I’ve watched Loop ring for years that’s a good one and I better cut it off now because we will go on and on but I can’t not mention you’re in finance right you’re in finance is very volatile it goes up

And down like crazy in fact this Saturday I was looking at this right here and I said I know urine at 7 100 it’s going to go up one grand and look it even surprised me and went up to 9k so 7K to 9k nice little Papa you’re in

Finance now why would urine move like that right with why well look total Supply folks 3 36 666 and again we got into this one when it first came out way over here here right here I even had folks get in below a thousand dollars and I had viewers

Sell at you know close to the all-time high of 90k so you know just good stuff folks and that’s why we like D5 because d5’s money D5 is not make believe defy isn’t you know this this uh ethereal um non-existent uh token world where you

Know you could say it’s going to go to the Moon you know where D5 is going because all you have to do is look at the money flow right and if money’s flowing into curve Finance because um you know it’s it’s offering good Rewards or if money is flowing into GMX

Because it’s it’s a great uh you know decentralized trading platform on arbitrum then you know the token’s going to run and this one’s a gem folks um GMX we we should have probably picked up on this one a little bit earlier and this one’s a great one but it is a

Decentralized Perpetual exchange okay listen closely a decentralized Perpetual exchange on arbitrim okay now we’re going to go here to ZK sync and we’re going to look for what a decentralized Perpetual exchange that will be coming out in a few weeks on Z on ZK sync right because if something could moon like

Arbitrary I mean GMX mooned on arbitrum and moon it did let’s here look at this token price this had an all-time low of 11 but I like GMX because you can stake it on the platform and earn rewards real money when you see this massive trading volume and they had massive trading

Volume this weekend with the volatility and what a better place to be when the market is up and down and round and round right stake your GMX earn a percentage of the transaction fees uh in a volatile Market kick your legs up watch some football or whatever and

Enjoy the money flowing in so we want to find something similar on ZK sync and I have found it already and I’ll give you a hint it’s probably right here somewhere but that video will be coming out in a day or two I am just kind of cleaning up a few loose ends

There and checking things out but that’s how you find the gems you know these some of these here are going to be brand new when ZK sync comes out there really early they’re super duper gems and and they could go up 5x 10x 50x or 100x so hit the like button subscribe folks

Follow my channel because that’s what we do here that’s what we do here and we’re a family you know we’re not the biggest Channel we everybody that watches this you know we really are a family I could I could go down the list of folks I know

Here we’re not big but we’re strong right we’re not we’re not massive in numbers but we’re smart and in the comments uh we often you know chit chat so if you have any comments or concerns play place them in the comments and and other other community members will often

Answer and I also also look at the comments also again and your thumbs up like button all that usual stuff and make sure you subscribe and understand that you might not always see my video for some reason the alerts don’t go out so just check every day I pretty much

Make a video about D5 crypto what’s trending what isn’t trending every day so we know the opportunities are out there right we remember finding ethereum below a hundred dollars we know that there’s another GMX we know that there’s another curve and we know that ethereum is King okay I know folks don’t like

That but um you know so we have to look around we have to find Our Little Gems we have to find our little places I like different chains here we’re kind of focusing recently on optimism and arbitrum don’t forget go work go go trade on optimism I mean arbitrum go

Mess around on arbitrim because there’s going to be an airdrop there’s going to be a token release down the road so go there and play around and get some free arbitrum tokens if it can get the value of optimism those could be extremely extremely valuable okay and I’ve also

Heard metamask is going to have a wallet sometime soon I don’t know if that’s true but go get yourself a meta you know make sure you have a metamask wallet and why not and have five right why not you could you could have five different wallets or whatever so that’s the plan

Folks we’re gonna find the gems we’re going to walk the path we’re going to trust that we are headed into a glorious 23 and 24. that’s what I’m hoping for and we’re going to learn and we’re going to walk the path together and if you’re going to go to the Bitcoin conference in

The link to the description of my video you can buy your ticket there and if you could buy your ticket through there you’ll get a 10 discount but more and also you’ll help me because if I sell a certain amount of tickets I can get a

Press pass and I’d really love to get that press pass because I’d love to go back and really get the best information possible for you because like I said everybody should own some Bitcoin everybody should have some ethereum that’s just the way it is so God bless

Folks have a good evening thanks for listening know that I appreciate you and I’ll see you tomorrow bye

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