Delorean Drop Results – Driveability Tease – Record OMI Burn – Ecomi anger -GAG crashed time Machine

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GAG wrecked my time machine. Back to the future Delorean doesn’t work for me. What did I get on today’s VeVe drop? How much OMI will be bought back and how much did Ecomi burn? Did VeVe turn driveability on the common drop on purpose? Sold out day one with 50k commons? Are resellers their target audience? #omi #ecomi #veve

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  1. Antman is in the Apple App Store download screen shot.. marvel is in our futures 💯 lock it up🙌🏻🙌🏻💎

  2. Yoooo! So weird. Feels like a lot of people who don't have the $$ are just reserving… I got sub 500 & sub 1000 after 30 minutes – 1 hour… even got a low mint common after hours, makes no sense xD

  3. The app will also get better when apple or Samsung really improve their spatial mapping technology with their cameras. Then it’ll be easier to map the floor and any raised element like a wall or furniture. This will make it so the drivable interactive collectibles will bump into walls and have great spatial awareness.

  4. The usability of ar depends on your phone. If you have a shitty phone it sure won't help.

  5. About the euro, that is correct. I had to pay 110 euro voor de ultra rare one. But its worth it 😉

  6. It's taking them way too long to get this right. They're going to start losing customers if they haven't already.

  7. It was a crazy dropped. I logged in early just be sure to be and then the app crashed. I wasn’t able to get the UR. I ended up getting extra for the Rare and common in hopes to be able to trade them for an UR with someone.

  8. as for moving I figured out the trick, I think atleast. when you want to move it, there are three arrows pointing to different axis. so choose the axis you’re gonna move it along, and actually click on that arrow and hold it for a sec.

    it should sort of darken in colour, indicating you’ve selected it. and then you should be able to move it along that axis freely

  9. i been on loading screen for almost 2 hours and after that i manage to get 2 rare and one common, actually i press ones for the rare and charge me for 2, same happened with mermicorn press ones and charge me for 3

  10. That drop was insane lol! Me and my lil brother were trying for an hour straight and both hit on ultra rares!! 🤩 thanks for updates fam #Omi2damoon 😱

  11. Really wanted one of these but they sold out whilst I was unable to purchase gems due to an in-app merchant error.👎🏼 Nonetheless appreciate your channel man! 🙌🏼

  12. Ha. These NFT's are like Tesla. Tesla gave me full auto pilot by mistake and I drove it for over a year with it. They then took it away when they did an audit. Even though I owned the car Tesla can take away features. I was insanely upset.

  13. Everyone keeps saying " be patient dude, its new" but you cant be patient when they are selling VALUABLE stuff. See, it would be different if there were literally just selling commons. I could miss that a few times. No biggie. But when they are selling items that are selling for THOUSANDS on ebay within minutes, that kinda gets to ya. Perhaps they should start by selling just commons until the fix their app and get things worked out. Cause of as right now, it is not stable. I literally sat there for 2-3 hours and the page never loaded. Fix it first before you release the RAREST of RARE lol , Right now its like trying to find your way through a complex maze with a blind fold on.

  14. All my Mermicornios freaked out when i pulled in the garage with my DeLorean…..almost ran over Oceania.

  15. they need to implement 1 ultra rare per account. prevents ppl buying multiple just to flip. they're just promoting scalping at this point. legit collectors can't buy and getting scalped. i guess the good news is we can expect a driveable version to come out, i'm getting that one and hopefully app works by then

  16. For people with IOS could you Android emulators to download the VeVe app (This is what I actually do)… I use the PC BlueStacks version to emulate Android so I can buy my gems there and they will be available in my iPhone

  17. I had the same experience, app froze, I got mine 10 mins in and the app froze again. i got a copy in the 5000's. Timing must not have anything to do with what copy you get, strange. No interaction when i first got it and i cant figure out the AR can you do a vid.

  18. Been researching Student Coin pretty heavily over the past few days. I like the roadmap and backing so I'm in! I used your referral link and congrats on 6k Subs soon!

  19. Great job just be genuine and honest with people and you will continue to grow your Channel best of luck

  20. Is there any proof that all these brands are actually partnering with VeVe or is it possible they are just inventing they have the license?

  21. Mans said “alright I’m buying all the commons” buys 3 lol 😆. Buy a hundred first then talk.

  22. I was one of the guys in the discord asking how they could change the functionality of an nft after minting – also brought up the point that if a function like drivability is a feature of the VeVe app (not the nft) then what’s the point of minting different rarities with different utilities. “If all deloreans are static outside the app then why sell a drivable” that was my thought, but then someone in the discord broke it down simply –

    The token which is the "ownership" of the item is an NFT. It is just a record that says this person (public key) owns this item number (your collectible serial number) that is all that is on the blockchain. The media files are on a server just like the images on 2D nft are just a link to a server. You who think the media is on the blockchain need to read a bit how this stuff works. They can and will change the models and the App when they find bugs. You still own the rights to sell that token. They are not giving you the 3D models and files. At least not yet.”


  23. Been busy all morningish but was a nice way to start my day watching your video on my way to work this morning!!!

  24. Bullturds teasing us like that bro any info on that moving forward lmk cuz it (remote control) was working on my 1:1 and at full size!!!! Bkew my dam mind …..then hearing this!!! That they turned it off I was like wtfreak man!!!! I was trying to show my kids… now I look like a DAM liar!!!! Lol 😭

  25. Hey Earth2 Mastery the Omi Burn account on Twitter said they burned 288,341,133. Are you able to breakdown in a video how you think they came to that number ?

  26. I couldn’t buy ultra but I bought 3 rares and 2 commons , do you think is worth it too? And how much do you think will worth o people willing to pay in the near future ?

  27. I got the delorean! Super stoked for the 1st series of the 1st interactive nft's of this delorean. Driving was cool on the commons.

  28. If they are nfts but the app gives them their functionality….then what truly is the difference between these three cars?

  29. I want to my delorean to fly remote controlled and leave flame marks on the the ground.

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