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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. Sometimes I really wondered how people make this huge profits investing on the stock market online, agreed with you investing and earning is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom, but how is it done?

  2. Look at John’s parents and then look at John. It’s my main reason for holding

  3. Safemoon feels like a slow rug to me. BNB is up 50% in the last month and it’s not helping SFM. Pumping BNB is just exit liquidity for whales. Also what happened to The Gambia? So disappointed in this.

  4. Come on man I watch all of your videos, but this wasn’t a rug pull. This video needs correcting. Please be more careful about what I do you put out.

  5. Is this a serious question? They haven’t had credibility for at least 6 months. It’s a dead token and holders are delusional. Reading all the comments defending safemoon is hilarious. You people are literally the dumbest investors on earth 😂

  6. Safemoon lost their "credability" at launch lol
    And you keep displaying new levels of stupidity in every video

  7. Cryptocurrency is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise

  8. This is bad. Safemoon already has a bad reputation due to unanswered questions regarding the LP. We do 't need this from Blockbuster.

  9. Everything Safemoon touches turns to sh*t. As of earlier this week I am out of Safemoon… probably not coming back.

  10. Yeah man, i feel exactly what you're saying in this video. I was tempted to buy into BB because of all the hype this last week, but dang am i glad i didnt! And you know what? Im completely done with safemoon now. The Safemoon ecosystem has proven itself to be shady AF, and this rug pull was the last straw on the camels back for me. Sure its a bear market, but that's no excuse for safemoon doing as badly as it is. There's so many real projects out there, and im flocking to those instead. So glad im not drinking the kool-aid any more! Safemoon is all lies, false promises, and let-downs. I feel sorry for all you guys who lost big on Blockbusters. I cant imagine the feeling of seeing such gains and then getting rug pulled. Im super open minded, and wish i could believe in Safemoon, but i refuse to be a part of this ecosystem until i see major changes like integrity, honesty, and fundamentals like actual projects and technology. I hate to say it, but joe was right.


  12. Yeah brother I think this video was rushed. Maybe even a retracting video after this one my dude.

  13. Was there a "lock up" time frame for the devs in the contract? If not, then you may as well have flushed your $ dish the toilet.

  14. They have no credibility to lose. How did this "bot" have $1.5 million worth of tokens to sell? Where did they get so many tokens? Incompetence or scam or a little of both.

  15. Injecting liquidity SOLELY to help the price sounds like manipulation. Price fixing.

    Injections of investments are usually done for other purposes, but not solely to fix a price. That token is a red flag, already.

  16. SAM is the Man, EGC is Legit, This BBTF and DON is full of Shit, We are all being SCAM HONEY POT Token, They Know and plan this in the 1st place, and I Think SAFEMOON Caught there Hands inside the COOKIE JAR, Why The DEVS OWN the BOT, they SELL $1.5M worth of token, with a little to less GAS FEE, but We the INVESTOR cannot SELL on TOP because of the HIGH GAS FEE, Imagine your UP $100K with a 16% GAS FEE you need before you can SELL that is $16k.. The BOT SELL $1.5M with a little to a Less Gas Fee.. Some thing is FISHY

  17. The BOT of DEVS Sell with a little or less Gas, thats the PLANS of theyre DEVS and SAFEMOON tolerate this kind of BULLSHIT,, JWK keep up the Good Videos Man.

  18. Not a rug pull its Honey Pot and that is the DEVS BOT, they already plan this, They are all bullshit

  19. I hate to be a broken record and say what's already been said but man this is my least favorite video of yours.

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