Did Tom Brady just become FLAT BROKE after FTX Crypto DISASTER causes company to go BANKRUPT?

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Did Tom Brady just become FLAT BROKE after FTX Crypto DISASTER causes company to go BANKRUPT?


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  1. This it what happens when you help the demon rats raise money! He new what this dude was doing, he made it public he wanted to donate a billion dollars to the dems. Brady is a liberal, turned his back on his so called friend trump. Didn't go to the white house under trump but did under biden? After superbowls. I respect Aaron Rodgers I DO NOT RESPECT BRADY anymore!

  2. The people regularly delete all the ones who helped him do it but they went after other good crypto’s it’s all a Joe Biden scam our government Is corrupted by fascist communist criminals or living in a banana republic

  3. Tom Brady going broke? It couldn’t happen to a better guy. I saw a short take on him “playing golf” with his son during his retirement. He was ignoring his boy; I raised 2 sons and they learned to play golf with me. My sons were really important to me and when they played golf I had my total focus on them. They are great golfer, fishermen and many other things that we played together. It made me sick to watch TB-12!

  4. What a deep personal shame I’d imagine that these CELEBRITIES felt that they BELIEVEd they had better get odds of Winning in the Crypto economy as opposed to a LEVEL BUIsness PLaYing FIELd

  5. Not a chance. He probably took a hit but no way does he have all of his eggs in one basket.

  6. The head of cryptocurrency exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, is the one in hot water. He's the one being investigated by the FBI for tricking investors like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Elon Musk, and LeBron James out of billion dollars. Shaq and other celebrities helped promote the investment. Because they didn't know what Sam was secretly doing, the lawsuit will be thrown out. However, when the dust settles, a lot of your favorite celebrities will have taken a big financial hit.

  7. This is why it's extremely important to take crypto off the exchanges and put it in your own personal wallet. The point of crypto is to be decentralized, not be under a centralized entity.

  8. quit spreading all these lies about Brady losing everything. ALL TOTAL BS! You just earned an unsubscribe!!!

  9. Good thing he managed to get over a mill in covid $ then I guess. Scammer got scammed.😢🤭

  10. The way the relationship went with Tom Brady and his wife it fits this scenario. It actually looks like he might have lost all of their money. He may have been backstabbed by a consultant or advisor. He looked sick with cancer or broken inside. That looked like a broke man. He retired upright from the NFL and then went back out of desperation from what it looks like now. Remember Kevin Bacon lost his and his wifes bankroll with Bernie Madoff. Tom Brady is far from immune to being had like this. America is finished. Earth is about to shake, rattle and roll. Follow all the large money losses and moves…Maybe a few ultra wealthy scumbags are building ships for sea or lower space orbit to leave this place when it all pops off. Dont worry, if your reading this, you and me wont get a heads up until it happens. We are all meaningless in the grand scheme of it all. TIK TOK, TIK TOK…is it a countdown??? Brady is a broken man and it is written on his face.

  11. All you need to know about crypto is that it's actually controlled by the central banks behind the scenes and is what they want to transition to so that there is no longer any printed or minted 'cash'. If you want to get away from fiat currency buy precious metals, avoid crypto. Hopefully Tom made Gisele take all the FTX as her settlement Lol

  12. Tom went from having a wonderful life. Winning super bowls, having money, family, F’ing his wife whenever he wishes, and investing into crypto….. no he looks like a grandpa playing football, he lost lots of money, family is divided, his wife is gonna F’k other men, and he more likely pulled all his $ from crypto…. WOW WHAT A TURN OF EVENT

  13. I don’t give a fuck how much this guy lost or wether he went broke!! He gets gazillions to play a sport that doesn’t educate nor save lives. So fuuuk anyone that has money to invest in this. Too many people are homeless and starving for me to care about this.

  14. It was a back door Democratic slush fund. FTX owner was the 4th largest democratic campaign donor.

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