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Dogecoin Bulls Enthusiastically Celebrate Price Recovery After New Annual Drop

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Dotecoin Doge balls enthusiastically celebrate price recovery after New Year’s decline you can like And subscribe for more crypto money and bitcoin news you can also sign up for free airdrops and pre-sales via the mxc link in the description section and take advantage of the daily pre-sales and

Airdrops you can join our telegram group so as not to miss air drops and pre-sales Dot coin doge is traded in a long-term symmetrical triangle there is resistance at 0.079 dot coin Doge price is following a short-term falling resistance line was the dotecoin Doge Riser fake the price of Dogecoin Doge

Has increased significantly in the last five days however he has not yet confirmed the return of buyers dote price has been following a long-term ascending support line since June 2022 when combined with a resistance line starting in December of the same year this forms a symmetrical triangle which

Is considered a neutral pattern on March 10th there was a rise in the support line the green icon after for a brief fall to the new low of the year like other cryptocurrencies Dogecoin has since increased forming several consecutive buyer candles however the daily RSI is still below 50. also today

The price failed to reach the 0.079 resistance area as a result the trend cannot yet be considered a buyer dot coin Doge price is difficult to verify the trend technical analysis on the six-hour chart indicates that the dote price has fallen below falling resistance line since the beginning of

January more recently the line declined on March 13 the red icon ending the turn that began after the new annual low the six-hour chart again highlights the importance of the 0.079 resistance area however it does not help determine whether the digital currency will reach this area and potentially debut although

The RSI is above 50 it has not yet formed a receptive Divergence therefore both exit and rejection are possible therefore the Dogecoin price trend is still uncertain before the price move moves above 0.079 it can be considered a short-term Trend buyer however the direction of the long-term Trend will

Depend on whether the price will emerge from inside the symmetrical triangle an exit may bring about highs near 0.110 while a decline could lead to as low as 0.050 dollars

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