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All right guys welcome back to another video it is your boy will we’re going to be talking about Dogecoin ticker symbol d-o-g-u-s-d we’re going to be going over new levels for Dogecoin so make sure you guys smash the like button and subscribe if you are new let’s get the video over

50 likes if you guys want that new update and then um we’ll get it going so we did have a support level down here at about seven cents resistance level about eight cents and a Target area which is also another resistance area about 0.085 now Dogecoin has not moved much

Notice how it’s kind of bouncing around this support and it’s also bouncing around this resistance not really doing much movement in here what we can do is we can bring the resistance level down just a little bit probably like 0.078 because remember when you have a penny stock this low where there’s

Stocks or cryptos every decimal spot every Value Point matters so that’s our new resistance level that we’re gonna move up here and then support is about seven cents still even okay we’re not going to move the support yet we need significant breakage I repeat we need significant breakage so what we’re going

To do is let’s go out let me show you so we either need breakage here or we need breakage here we need something to let us know direction or Direction either on the downside or the upside we need something remember I can only make money with Dogecoin if it breaks the resistance

Level because that’s going to show signs that it wants to go up if you guys look at Bitcoin and ethereum they’re actually trending up we actually been playing Bitcoin make sure you’re on the team first link in the description use that code 16 off to get six pound your first

One of your first year that’s cryptos and my stock buys so you get everything but I’ve been playing Bitcoin more than Dogecoin because Dogecoin is a little stalled out Bitcoin is actually moving that should tell you something Bitcoin might be pushing Dogecoin could be a lagger in the market we will see again

Ticker symbol do USD but let’s watch these two levels once these levels break then I can give you guys some more levels to kind of watch out for that these are the main things I’m watching either we’re going to break support or resistance and then once we break it we

Want to see what type of pressure comes off of that do we break it with a lot of pressure on the upside do we break it with a lot of on the downside right now I am neutral but shorter term I’m still bearish on Dogecoin until we start really breaking

Some significant levels because once we came up here on Dogecoin and we hit this resistance level at 0.08 um seven eight it showed resistance and it brought it back down right let me let me zoom in real quick so you can see it see ran up here support ran up here here

Resistance and it ran right back down to what the support area if I move that here okay so we’ll see how it moves thank you guys for watching the video stay tuned for more updates always remember nice recommendation to buyer so anything just for educational purposes

Only so do not trade anything you see or hearing the video catch you guys in that next one bye

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