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BTC Bitcoin Technical Analysis live now price prediction today 2022 13.11.22 $BTC rejected perfectly off the 17k level. I now explain the next targets for that short trade. See you in the Champions live stream tonight!

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I do bitcoin price analysis, Ethereum price analysis, bitcoin news, Ethereum news and altcoin analysis and altcoin news!! We look at the crypto news and traditional news to assess how that could impact the price of bitcoin in todays bitcoin price analysis, bitcoin price prediction and crypto news!

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  1. "You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them." –Michael Jordan

  2. Columbia?! Didn’t expect that. Should you be talking about your profits as you may get a knock on the door from various cash hungry people

  3. Why invest in crypto when I can get a guaranteed almost 10% yield on US saving bond? Crypto is scam.

  4. "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day_in and day_out." _Robert Collier

  5. Dan, please do a live scalp session for the champs, or ask king George to do it, we would love that!

  6. I love you for your dedication and professionalism. I hate you for keep mentioning "making money" because we should consider btc as The money. That initiative won't come from big governments.
    Thank you for the free content anyway, appreciate it.

  7. Muchas gracias Daniel, soy mejor trader en parte gracias a vos, en esta caída no estoy llorando en la esquina, sin miedo al éxito.

  8. Appreciate you Daniel, you continue to be the goat anaylst for me. Keep up the great work bro you're literally doing God's work boss.

  9. Thanks Dan! It's been awesome following your TA and thought process. Pay-tients is crucial to success. I've learnt pine script whilst being patient, automating some of my TA and back testing strategies. Awesome as ever Dan and CC !


  10. Thanks for videos brotha… Do appreciate it and totally agree w you the fear mongering title and thumbnails and all that coming from these other channels is the last thing anyone needs right now….. I'm simply focused on the charts just like you and keeping an ear to the macro environment as well. 🤘😎🤘

  11. As a new trader, I feel fortunate for being in the position to learn my craft during these difficult, bear market conditions. I believe studying the CC content during this time and honing my skills when it's difficult market conditions, will put me in a position to exponentially profit off the next bull market…because when everything is going up, it's easy to make money and doesn't take any skill. Thank you, Daniel and the CC team for your tutelage over these past several months. I'm very excited for my future!

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