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  1. You missed the biggest reason for gala accumulation… it will have it owns presence on flare blockchain. Gala is one of the main partners. No more high prices of eth transactions. Flare has the the EVM built in as part of flares core code.

  2. Pretty sure you can check charts via pancake or uniswap for past support levels (maybe I'm wrong)

  3. Low cap Allianceblock is worthwhile looking into. I don't know how long it will be a low cap for. Connecting with multiple financial institutions & looking to be ISO2022 compliant. Bridge from TradFi to Defi so institutions can get in. It's nuts on how low their marketcap is to what it could hammer too. Partnered with London Stock Exchange, Quant, Amazon Web Services and more.
    They are also in the AI sector aswell

  4. May be difficult to reach ath since more token is released since but still happy if reached .50 cents.

  5. 567 views.. If this is representative of the retail interest in crypto, we are among the earliest 0.1% to the party this year. Pretty epic. We are at the exact same point now as in 2017. I think the next bull run will make millionaires. Buckle up!

  6. Do you have an opinion when the bear market might end? It seems to be going on forever. I find it hard to believe prices will ever go up much again

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