DOSE is the Number 1418 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 0.00440897 symbol is DOSE and Market Cap is 3274145 Dollars.DOSE ATH Was 0.373235 at 2021-12-02T16:22:49.521Z and ATL was 0.00422538 at 2023-05-19T03:34:49.300Z.

In the last 24h, DOSE high was 0.00476567$ And the low was 0.00422538$

DOSE info:

  • Name: DOSE
  • Symbol: DOSE
  • MarketCap: 3274145$
  • Rank: 1418
  • Price: 0.00440897 USD
  • Categories: Play To Earn, BNB Chain Ecosystem, Move To Earn, Gaming (GameFi), Polygon Ecosystem, Ethereum Ecosystem,
  • Original Network : ethereum

Price Info

DOSE Price Info

Today Price 0.00440897$
ATH (ALL TIME HIGH) 0.373235$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -98.81871%
ATH Date 2021-12-02T16:22:49.521Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 0.00422538$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 4.34492%
ATL Date 2023-05-19T03:34:49.300Z
Market Cap 3274145$
Total Volume 748792$
High 24h 0.00476567$
Low 24h 0.00422538$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day -2.21911%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day -18.55576%
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day -30.72024%
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day -46.44907%
Price Change Percentage in a Year -85.61765%

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What is DOSE Cryptocurrency?

In the world of cryptocurrency, DOSE is growing in popularity. DOSE is an innovative cryptocurrency that has made waves in the industry since its launch in 2017. It is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is the fourth-largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization. This article will explain what is DOSE cryptocurrency and why it is becoming a popular choice for cryptocurrency investors.

What is DOSE Cryptocurrency?

DOSE is a digital currency founded by Xibin Li. It is designed to be a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a system to track different assets. The currency is built on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the standard Ethereum ERC-20 token protocol. DOSE tokens can be used to verify, record and transfer data on the Ethereum network. The value of DOSE is determined by the amount of coins in circulation, the amount of coins mined, and a variety of economic factors.

How Does DOSE Work?

In order for people to buy and transfer DOSE tokens, they need to use DOSE compatible wallets. DOSE wallets store the user’s private keys, allowing them to securely send and receive DOSE tokens. When users send DOSE tokens, the transaction is verified and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the transaction is verified, the tokens are sent to the recipient's wallet.

DOSE also enables users to use smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital contracts that can be implemented over specified terms and conditions. This allows users to set up advanced business, legal, and financial functions, making DOSE an attractive choice for creating decentralized applications and businesses.

What Are The Benefits Of DOSE?

One of the main advantages of DOSE is its low fees. Transaction fees are just a fraction of those charged by traditional payment providers, making it a cost-effective way to move money around. Additionally, DOSE’s blockchain technology offers faster and more secure processing of payments compared to traditional payment services. This makes it particularly attractive to businesses and organizations that need to move large amounts of money quickly and securely.

Another key benefit of using DOSE is its high liquidity. DOSE tokens are widely traded and can be converted into other currencies quickly and easily. This makes it attractive to investors looking to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates. Additionally, DOSE is available on most popular exchanges, meaning you can buy and sell DOSE tokens from anywhere in the world.

What’s The Future Outlook For DOSE?

It is still early days for DOSE, as it only launched a few years ago. However, the currency has already made a name for itself and is growing in popularity. In the long term, DOSE could become a top contender among digital currencies. It has all the necessary features to become a mainstream cryptocurrency, such as low transaction fees, a secure blockchain infrastructure, and support for smart contracts. It is also backed by an experienced team and a strong community of supporters. All these factors suggest that DOSE could be one of the leading digital currencies of the future.


DOSE is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency that has made a name for itself in the industry. It is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, has low fees, and supports the use of smart contracts. It also has high liquidity, allowing investors to easily convert it into other currencies. In the long run, DOSE could become a top contender among digital currencies, and its future looks bright.

Exchanges List. where To Buy DOSE DOSE

Name Trust Price Link
Huobi green 0.004601
ApeSwap green 1.4853119431496E-5
Sushiswap green 2.4178700750818E-6
MEXC Global green 0.004616 green 2.463E-6 green 0.004556
BingX green 0.004615
OKX green 0.00461
Hotbit green 0.0045547
PancakeSwap (v2) green 2.1542487628801
CoinEx green 0.004595
AscendEX (BitMax) yellow 0.0041
Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) yellow 2.4891492469036E-6
PancakeSwap (v2) yellow 89.573657134624
KuCoin yellow 0.004724
PancakeSwap (v2) yellow 1.9509273724789
Bitubu Exchange yellow 0.00461
PancakeSwap (v2) yellow 0.87482265920165
LATOKEN yellow 0.00454701
PancakeSwap (v2) 1.4864137810461E-5
PancakeSwap (v2) green 2.5707991300578
Sushiswap yellow 0.53761197275787
Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) red 0.21921783788631
PancakeSwap (v2) green 1.5473090540537E-5
Sushiswap 1.7340708494854
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