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Dosto ko tag karein | World Cup k liya yeh link hai

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Dosto ko tag karein | World Cup k liya yeh link hai

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Waqar Zaka is a Social Media Mentor for thousands of people around the world, being the Top Crypto Influencer with over 4.7 Million Followers on just Facebook page, along with 1.25 M Subscribers on his YouTube. He posted his first video on cryptocurrency when Bitcoin was around $250 on April 28th, 2016, and encouraged people to get into crypto at that time (

He’s famous for his one of a kind unique style, by going LIVE on Facebook, and YouTube, leveraging trading streams where he uses financial astrology to take the quickest profits in literally minutes, hence he’s a trendsetter of a unique and fresh type of future Trading while streaming LIVE and taking LIVE trades with the majority in profits. He calls it “Godzilla Trading”, he’s the only crypto influencer having the highest viewership during 2 hours of a LIVE stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

People in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, India, as well as people who understand Urdu/Hindi religiously follow him, as he has a funny style of entertaining people during his LIVE stream while showing his personal trades with over millions of dollars, which attracts thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people as the unique part is that he trades during live streaming and within 7 to 10 minutes, he codes trades in profit, many call him a “Crypto Magician”.

Waqar Zaka has a humanitarian side as well, where he bravely went to war zone areas without any support to do charity work as well as educated the refugees on how they can receive money using Bitcoin. This act work was recognized throughout the world as he was invited to various crypto conferences in the USA, UK, and many countries in 2016 (

In his home country, Pakistan, he’s the core part of bringing the crypto revolution from a legal point of view, he is the only one who went up to the court and got crypto unbanned while appearing himself as a lawyer and facing the central bank himself.
He installed Pakistan’s biggest crypto mining farm using hydropower, then on the order of the Sindh High Court of Pakistan, he was the only one who was part of the crypto committee chaired by the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan. He was also appointed as the Crypto Expert by the Government of Pakistan.

He initiated a crypto start-up contest in Pakistan, funded a project www.Tenup.IO, and helped many other blockchain-based startups in Pakistan. He also gives blockchain business-related lectures in Pakistan’s leading universities.


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  1. Berader , ham nay account bana liya , crypto WALLET kaisay banayen , transfer kaisay karen 300 men say 20 dollar kaisay trading pay lagayen , ba qaul aap kay beradar chahay doob jayen magar , benefit aap bantenge…..magar kaisay , ??? Banayen kaisay wallet ,lagayen kaisay trade men ????

  2. وقار بھاہی میں کام تو کرنا چاہتا ہوں مگر کس طرح کروں آپ کی کوہی ٹیم کا نمبر ہے تو بتاہیں۔ شہزاد قریشی کراچی سے

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