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Earn 30% APY Liquid Staking NEAR With Stader Labs! Best Near Staking Strategy [Guide]

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0:00 -Intro –
1:01 – Stader Labs Overview –
2:12 – How To Liquid Stake Near –
5:29 – 25% APY With Near/NearX –
7:42 – Step By Step LP Guide –
9:59 – Final Thoughts –


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  1. Keep in mind that this is in no way an endorsement to buy NEAR. I don't personally hold NEAR. I simply cover on the channel different ways to earn yield on popular L1 tokens with low risk and decided to do one on Near as well. Note the strategy is low risk, holding NEAR is not low risk!

  2. Stader looks questionable.. the exit strategy is very slow and delayed by Stader.. matic X is capped at 86 tokens per day.. then a 2 to 3 days delay on top of that?

  3. near having a tough time right now. couldnt even benefit from the (current) sol downfall as its biggest competitor. really curios how it will perform in the future with aptos and sui joining the game + the growing matic,/arbitrum/eth narrative

  4. sure earn 30% apy on an alameda token that will get dumped along with the rest of its basket when the exit liquidity arrives

  5. Every shill by a crypto fake guru Youtuber, is a pump & dump. Front run these nincompoops and dump first. Similarly, whenever they call the bottom, sell even more 🧠 💰🧠 💰

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