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Earth Luna Classic Value Prediction LUNC Rises 3% – Will The Ups Continue

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Earth lunar classic value prediction lunc Rises 3 percent will the rally continue today the value of Terra lunar classic lunc rose to the level of 0.00013313 with an increase of three percent in the last 24 hours after the rally of the rest of the market yesterday despite the gains of the day

Before the current value of lunc marks a loss of six percent in the last week and a decline of 19 in the last 30 days at a time when the main cryptocurrencies such as BTC and eth are rising in the same time frames however yesterday’s rally underscores the possibility of further

Gains for lunc which has already risen just over 13 000 from its all-time low of dollar 0.0000 nine nine nine nine six seven touched in May 2022 as usdc’s one dollar Peg plans are under development it may only be a matter of time before large amounts of

Lunc are burned causing the value of the crypto to spike Earth lunar classic value prediction lunc Rises three percent the lunc chart reveals some promising indicators both the relative strength index in purple and the 30-day moving average in red are performing interestingly its 30-day average has started to rise sharply towards the

200-day average in blue and if the shorter average exceeds the longer one the crypto could be in a breakout phase lunc’s RSI has also risen to 70 in recent days after being below 30 in the last week indicating an excess of sales despite having fallen in the last few

Hours it is still around 60 signaling a decent upward momentum the key resistance level for lunc is located at Dollar 0.000135 if the token manages to pass this level it could make further gains in the coming days given the poor performance of lunc over the last week

And in the last month it can be said that the stock is currently oversold and could therefore record a significant rise in the coming weeks this suspicion is supported by ongoing attempts to carry out the process of burning lunc and cause an increase in its price with

The acceptance in February of a proposal to repeg the sister stable coin of lunc ustc the reason this is good for Terra lunar classic is that it would require large-scale burning of lunc tokens as the token is used to adjust the price of ustc it would then create a more

Efficient system for lunc and ustc able to burn more than the tax rate can reach burning a greater number of tokens is necessary if lunc is to come even remotely close to its previous price given that so far only 48.6 billion lunc has been burned out of an availability

Of about 5.9 trillion that is why the proposal is so important but a plan to put it into practice has yet to be agreed in addition the Terra lunar classic Community is continuing to work on other proposals to increase the value of lunc among these is the proposal to

Increase the tax burn on chain from the current rate of 0.5 percent to 0.8 percent which would cause an increase in the number of luncs taken out of circulation another proposal however suggests changing the breakdown of the tax burn so that 25 instead of 10 of what is burned goes to fund developers

This would help boost the development of Terra lunar Classics blockchain helping to make its ecosystem and applications more attractive to users and projects as positive as these proposals may be they have also aroused dissent in the community with some validators opposed to the idea of increasing the tax rate

Burn to 0.8 percent in addition there is another proposal to remove a developer from the task force task with supporting the growth of the Terra lunar classic ecosystem this whole situation shows why lunc has not been able to recover with momentum and also why the community has

Not been able to reach a concrete plan for the ustc repeg the good news is that the burn rate has definitely increased in recent weeks with binance having resumed burning trading fees and revealing that it had burned 8 billion lunc in the three months before the end

Of February due to this gradual increase in the burning process there is a good chance that lunc could reach 0.00015 in the coming weeks with 0.002 as the next Target from that level it has a real chance of returning to 0.004 or 0.0005 by the end of 2023 if the

Market continues to recover a more substantial gain depends on the mobilization of the Terra lunar classic community in favor of a specific plan for the ustc repeg which could cause lunc to soar if and when it comes to fruition

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