Ecomi / OMI – Labbits NFT VEVE Drop Live! 🐇

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– DO NOT SLEEP On Labbits.. They’ve held up value well on Veve but they will most likely shoot up in even more value once we go to NFT Marketplaces like opensea imo. In this video I’m going to go through the significance of the Labbit NFTs, What we’ve seen on price action, OMI price, Veve partnership with Frank Kozik, airdrops, and more!
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  1. See some people are having issues with this one but I am always 1 second behind my roommate but only on blind boxes. The ones where you get to choose like this drop. The timers are the same. Crazy. I think it is my phone. It is a Galaxy A50. So low end old phone.

    Also how do people get low mints? I never landed anything under 1k. Lol my roommate only gets low mints. If he gets over 1k he is extremely disappointed. So I go to physical violence and smack him in the back of the head and tell him I wish I had his luck lol

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