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Ecomi / Veve – Disney Pixar Pals NFT Drop Day Live!

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– Join us on another BIG Drop! Our latest Veve nft drop from Disney Pixar is solid, featuring some of Pixars favorite characters from Toy Story, Cars, Up, Monsters Inc, and The Incredibles.. We saw Wall-e & the pizza truck in Golden Moments so this is the 2nd installment from Pixar.. In this video we’re going to review the drop, price predictions, Pixar’s next movies, next drop, OMI, gamification, Marvel, Disney+, Veve drop live, new licenses, and more
#Ecomi #Omi #Veve #NFT #NFTs #Crypto #Disney #VeveDrop #DisneyNFT #PixarNFT #Pixar

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  1. I hope yall know pixar characters are not widely licenced as premium limited edition collectibles, people that are selling them for cheap are losing out on possibly the greatest blue chips, dont let that edition size fool you, first ever pixar nfts cmon now

  2. Any thoughts on the rumors Disney purchasing a “NFT” platform??? If it was VeVe, wouldn’t they trash $OMI since it’s not even used now???

  3. Dude! Went to sharks game – wound up in OG Skater’s speak easy. Back to Sierra foothills around 2am. Aka – hung af and missed the drop!! 😂

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