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  1. Platform is completely real I was at work in a basement and I still got a secret rare turn $20 into $20,000 the drop system is completely random you got to be online for hours and get a good drive. I got the Bubba Fett and the secret rare AF 15 both on the drop VEVE for life

  2. I believe what you are saying about no real preferences but I think it would be naive to think the app doesn’t have or tracking usage and participation and that might play a role in ability to obtain a collectible and the rarity. My opinion I want to believe it is fair and free but that is usually not the world we live in. Just saying don’t completely count it out. Take me for example only buying collectibles for the last few months and lucky enough to not miss a drop I have gone for and randomly got a few rare items. But I am in the app constantly buy posting commenting etc.

  3. I was waiting for the drop, was in app 30-40 minutes before the drop, 10min before the drop the app started to lag, I realised that comic page is not reacting, so I got stack, my gf near me was still on the page and when clicked to buy the app dont even "think" for millisecond. The app was broken for 2 hours after the drop, but market was opened… This is horrible experience. I dont understand how such a successful company who cooperates with TOP IP`s could not make the app to work smooth. Why they making drops like Vader or AF15 when the app is not working properly. Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy Veve, love going for the drops, but when it comes to big drops it all get messed up. It would be more fair to have new system drop, shuffle or smth, on "grail" drops, so people even when get lag, knew, that they can participate, not just watch how app loading forever.

  4. Foolish children crying 😭when they don’t get what they want. Bottom line no one is forcing you to be on VeVe. Develop skills, create strategies, learn as you go and evolve. Overcome huddles and become successful

  5. I wonder if Veve is still on track to drop a basic metaverse by the end of this year?

  6. When we will change method, I bet people will miss the "fun" side of the system of "Buy Now". People are never happy but the real VEVE Fam will always be there.

  7. Cavell if you press buy and hold up a collectable 3 times and don't buy you get banned for 24 hours

  8. Rome wasn't built in a day… All this problems are "classics" for this kind of project (Project that has never been created before). VEVE will be a top 5 giant in the next 5 to 10 year. Trust David & Dan🙏.

  9. “Us influencers have really expensive equipment to help on drops”. . Next sentence, “ sorry my computer‘s really laggy“.😂 Bruh!

  10. Totally agree on the fact that punishment must be more severe for unfair practices. 👍

  11. got one for me and one for my homie who's a firefighter and was at work, I got a common and I got him a Rare

  12. Sure we are left behind in the marketplace but at least we gave it a shot with the buy button.

  13. You are not entirely correct. Many people complained for the fact that they couldn't enter in the veve app before the drop and that was because their IPs were blocked before the drop depending on the country. As a est European, a can confirm that this was the case for me and for others. Try to think on this matter.

  14. hmmm I dont know about fomo is a bad thing on this one. I mean if Marvel Comics is $100 (in low market) and 48k ediitons for common and AF15 6k editions lets just say they are equal but really AF15 more valuable in real world. Basic math would assume anything under $800 given market for a common is a steal. But again market works in mysterious ways but this has high chances of doing a walt type price movement.

  15. I had no chance today 😔. Great net, quick fingers etc … didn't help. Oh well. Maybe I will be able to get one in the market for a reasonable price one day 😊

  16. That guy was in a block country and i understand his reaction. Couple minutes before the drop veve block Est Europe so nobody from 3 countries could go for AF15 drop. That was so disrespectful for us and their support not even bother to answer our tickets. I am in veve since april 2021 and in omi from january last and never doubt the team, i even cash out on the first batch of people but they block me before Boba drop and before AF15 drop so my trust on veve is at all time low.

  17. Bots now need 1k gems to cashout plus they need to pay for kyc and the bot software, it is certainly harder to bot and they will only go for super grails like this one, people are just salty because they did not hit.

  18. People complain about everything and anything. I missed on the drop and played the secondary. It is what it is. There is evidence of bot activity on the app but complaining never got anybody anywhere ijs🤷🏾

  19. Sold my SR AF15 for $300 right after drop and bought 10 common Elektras 💪💪💪💪💪

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