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ECOMI / VEVE – Marvel Confirms Utility, Disney Partners With VeVeVerse & OMI Token Bearish TA

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ECOMI / VEVE – Marvel Confirms Utility, Disney Partners With VeVeVerse & OMI Token Bearish TA | Cavell Anderson

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Ecomi / Omi Token is the Future of NFT’s and has partnered with some of the most powerful brands in the worlds that’s generated hundreds of billions of dollars collectively. There is a lot of potential in this brand and we are all aboard very very early as it’s still currently in beta! Don’t miss this opportunity!



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  1. Yes please, would be great to have more topics in 1 vid if you make it clear in the title! Thnx Cavell!

  2. a bro keep up the good work my nigga real shit 💯 bro I'm Los Angeles california they don't want us to change their narrative 💯 we go have generational wealth 💯 to help or people to break out the bs they put us in bro this is the age of Aquarius

  3. Cavell, I think maybe Veve does not want to go so public yet, because they are not ready the mass adoption yet. Maybe this is why they won’t say Veve in the article. Thanks Cavell!

  4. People sleeping on this. I brought the whole for $150 in the MP. I do believe it will be a wearable in the future

  5. Veve did not introduce Disney to the blockchain tech. Disney had a blockchain yeaaaaars ago but it didn’t work out

  6. Just secured a eye of agomotto secret rare, first NFT purchase in the app ….defiantly pumped!!

  7. What this validates for me is those cheap Golden Moments will only be cheap for so long, so I'm going to keep stacking when I can.

  8. I’ve beeen telling my lady, imagine Disney having AR in their parks.. wether it’s VeVe or just added animations in their parks would make People revisit their parks again… having more interactive parks rather then just waiting in line… we could be playing AR games,collecting points, interacting with Black panther for example!! She said .. yea sureee 🤦‍♂️

  9. Mam if omi goes bk down to 001 I'm selling my Sr spidey lol amd I'm gna buy 25/30mill omi then I'll have around 35mill omi lol

  10. BTC is gonna retrace on FIB levels 0,6 and 0,72 and then the bearish crypto winter comes . I expect price moving on a choppy way when retracing , something that is gonna take place till September . Thats the time where all Altcoins will shoot up to the moon including OMI . By that time Q3 I hope we are gonna have some utility and take advantage of that moment . Price to 0,050 in September for OMI is on the play . After that biullish price action the crypto winter for all crypto market starts over again in total The thing that many institutions are involved right now dosent mean that we are gonna have the same 4 years cycle as before .Cavel : write that down on your statements .See you then .

  11. Good review of the Times article. It’s confirmation and an affirmation that VeVe is way up on the radar. Do the math via Omi know what I’m sayin 🤷‍♂️

  12. If the bat cowl does good, I'm scared big ip and the rest of the crypto world will want all the IP to do random generated one of ones

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