Open Campus – EDU


Open Campus is the Number 191 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 0.922463 symbol is EDU and Market Cap is 152665889 Dollars.EDU ATH Was 1.67 at 2023-04-29T08:05:57.583Z and ATL was 0.901684 at 2023-06-07T16:35:09.074Z.

In the last 24h, EDU high was 0.951633$ And the low was 0.918443$

Open Campus info:

  • Name: Open Campus
  • Symbol: EDU
  • MarketCap: 152665889$
  • Rank: 191
  • Price: 0.922463 USD
  • Categories: BNB Chain Ecosystem,
  • Original Network : binance-smart-chain

Price Info

Open Campus Price Info

Today Price 0.922463$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -45.04212%
ATH Date 2023-04-29T08:05:57.583Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 0.901684$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 2.05384%
ATL Date 2023-06-07T16:35:09.074Z
Market Cap 152665889$
Total Volume 36662172$
High 24h 0.951633$
Low 24h 0.918443$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day -19.19624%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day -27.90471%
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day %
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day %
Price Change Percentage in a Year %

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What is Open Campus Cryptocurrency?

Open Campus cryptocurrency is a digital form of money created and managed through the use of advanced cryptography – or encryption techniques. It is essentially digital or virtual money, or a form of virtual currency that operates independently of a central bank or other third-party intermediary and that is not tied to any particular country or nation. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, Open Campus cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) network, allowing users to send and receive money electronically without having to go through a third-party financial institution.

Open Campus cryptocurrency has experienced rapid growth in popularity over the past few years, mainly due to its potential to revolutionize the way we transfer money, store and use it in our daily lives. Open Campus was founded by a group of students from Stanford, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who sought to create a digital currency that was decentralized and secure. They developed the decentralized peer-to-peer network that allows users to securely send and receive transactions across the globe without the need for a central processing unit or financial institution.

Open Campus cryptocurrency is not tied to any particular currency or nation, making it the perfect form of digital money for international transactions or remittances. It can be used to purchase goods or services online, or to transfer money to friends and family located anywhere in the world. Open Campus cryptocurrency can also be used to invest in various projects, such as start-ups or blockchain-based companies, and to purchase cryptocurrency-based assets.

As an open source currency, Open Campus cryptocurrency is completely transparent. It is not controlled by any one person or organization, and no account information is required when making monetary transactions. All records of Open Campus cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the public Blockchain ledger, making it almost impossible to falsify or delete any transaction. This has made Open Campus an attractive option for many investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for quick and secure ways to store and spend their money.

Open Campus is also an anonymous cryptocurrency, meaning that its transactions are not traceable and any user has the ability to remain anonymous when sending or receiving payments. This makes it appealing for anyone looking to purchase goods or services online without revealing their identity or financial information. Open Campus is also much more secure than other payment methods, as it encrypts all of its transactions, meaning even if someone were to gain access to the Blockchain system, they would still be unable to view the user’s private information or the amount of Open Campus tokens held in the user’s wallet.


Open Campus cryptocurrency is a revolutionary form of digital currency with the potential to revolutionize the way we transfer money, store and use it in our daily lives. It is not tied to any particular currency or nation, allowing users to send and receive money globally without the need for a central processing unit or financial institution. Open Campus cryptocurrency is also anonymous, meaning that its transactions are not traceable and any user has the ability to remain anonymous when sending or receiving payments. It is also more secure than other payment methods, as it encrypts all of its transactions, meaning even if someone were to gain access to the Blockchain system, they would still be unable to view the user’s private information or the amount of tokens held in the user’s wallet.

The popularity of Open Campus cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing, as more and more users take advantage of its many advantages. With its ability to be used for international transactions, investment opportunities or simply for the purchase of goods and services, Open Campus is quickly becoming a preferred digital currency for many users.

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Exchanges List. where To Buy Open Campus EDU

Name Trust Price Link
Bitget green 0.92253
Binance green 0.92336
DigiFinex green 0.92193 green 0.9228
BitMart green 0.92221
Binance green 3.471E-5
Binance green 0.0035449
BingX green 0.923
Binance green 0.91769
KuCoin green 0.92064
Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) green 0.92332997833926
AscendEX (BitMax) green 0.9213
CoinEx green 0.9211
Binance green 0.85531
Cryptology green 0.92351
Binance green 21.83
Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) green 0.003537652709137
Uniswap V3 (BSC) 1.1114747500314

Historical Price List

06/09/2022 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
06/10/2022 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7
06/11/2022 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7
06/12/2022 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
06/13/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.7E-7 2.2E-7
06/14/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
06/15/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7
06/16/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.3E-7 2.0E-7
06/17/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
06/18/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
06/19/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 1.9E-7 2.1E-7
06/20/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/21/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/22/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7
06/23/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
06/24/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/25/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/26/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/27/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
06/28/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7
06/29/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
06/30/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
07/01/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
07/02/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
07/03/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
07/04/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
07/05/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
07/06/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
07/07/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
07/08/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
07/09/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
07/10/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7
07/11/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7
07/12/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
07/13/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
07/14/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
07/15/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
07/16/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
07/17/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
07/18/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
07/19/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7
07/20/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
07/21/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
07/22/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
07/23/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7
07/24/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7
07/25/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.3E-7 2.1E-7
07/26/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
07/27/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.1E-7 2.3E-7
07/28/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
07/29/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
07/30/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
07/31/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
08/01/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/02/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/03/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/04/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/05/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/06/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/07/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/08/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
08/09/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
08/10/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
08/11/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/12/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/13/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/14/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/15/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/16/2022 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
08/17/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
08/18/2022 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
08/19/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.3E-7 2.1E-7
08/20/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
08/21/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
08/22/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7
08/23/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
08/24/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7
08/25/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
08/26/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.2E-7 2.0E-7
08/27/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
08/28/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
08/29/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
08/30/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
08/31/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/01/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/02/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/03/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/04/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/05/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/06/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
09/07/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/08/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/09/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 1.9E-7 2.1E-7
09/10/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
09/11/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
09/12/2022 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
09/13/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.2E-7 2.0E-7
09/14/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/15/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/16/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/17/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
09/18/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
09/19/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
09/20/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
09/21/2022 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.9E-7 1.8E-7
09/22/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.8E-7 1.9E-7
09/23/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/24/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/25/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/26/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/27/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/28/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
09/29/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
09/30/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
10/01/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/02/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/03/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
10/04/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
10/05/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
10/06/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
10/07/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
10/08/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
10/09/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/10/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/11/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/12/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/13/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/14/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/15/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/16/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/17/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
10/18/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
10/19/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/20/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/21/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/22/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.9E-7
10/23/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
10/24/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7
10/25/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
10/26/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
10/27/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7
10/28/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
10/29/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
10/30/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
10/31/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7
11/01/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
11/02/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
11/03/2022 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
11/04/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
11/05/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
11/06/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
11/07/2022 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
11/08/2022 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 2.1E-7 1.9E-7
11/09/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.9E-7 1.6E-7
11/10/2022 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.6E-7 1.8E-7
11/11/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.8E-7 1.7E-7
11/12/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/13/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7
11/14/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7
11/15/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/16/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/17/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/18/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/19/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/20/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7
11/21/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7
11/22/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7
11/23/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7
11/24/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/25/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
11/26/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7
11/27/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7
11/28/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7
11/29/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.6E-7
11/30/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7
12/01/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/02/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/03/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/04/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/05/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/06/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/07/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/08/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/09/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/10/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/11/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/12/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/13/2022 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.7E-7 1.8E-7
12/14/2022 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.8E-7
12/15/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.8E-7 1.7E-7
12/16/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/17/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/18/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/19/2022 1.6E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7
12/20/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.6E-7 1.7E-7
12/21/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/22/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/23/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/24/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/25/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/26/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/27/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/28/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/29/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/30/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
12/31/2022 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/01/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/02/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/03/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/04/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/05/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/06/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/07/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/08/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/09/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/10/2023 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7 1.7E-7
01/11/2023 1.8E-7 1.8E-7 1.7E-7 1.8E-7
01/12/2023 1.9E-7 1.9E-7 1.8E-7 1.9E-7
01/13/2023 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 1.9E-7 2.0E-7
01/14/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
01/15/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
01/16/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
01/17/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
01/18/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
01/19/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.1E-7
01/20/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.1E-7 2.3E-7
01/21/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/22/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/23/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/24/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/25/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/26/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/27/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/28/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
01/29/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
01/30/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
01/31/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/01/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
02/02/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
02/03/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/04/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/05/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/06/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/07/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/08/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/09/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7
02/10/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
02/11/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
02/12/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
02/13/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
02/14/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
02/15/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.2E-7 2.4E-7
02/16/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
02/17/2023 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7
02/18/2023 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.5E-7
02/19/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7
02/20/2023 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7
02/21/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7
02/22/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
02/23/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.4E-7
02/24/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
02/25/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
02/26/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
02/27/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
02/28/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.3E-7
03/01/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7
03/02/2023 2.3E-7 2.3E-7 2.4E-7 2.3E-7
03/03/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.3E-7 2.2E-7
03/04/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
03/05/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
03/06/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
03/07/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
03/08/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.2E-7
03/09/2023 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.2E-7 2.0E-7
03/10/2023 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7 2.0E-7
03/11/2023 2.1E-7 2.1E-7 2.0E-7 2.1E-7
03/12/2023 2.2E-7 2.2E-7 2.1E-7 2.2E-7
03/13/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.2E-7 2.4E-7
03/14/2023 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7
03/15/2023 2.4E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7
03/16/2023 2.5E-7 2.5E-7 2.4E-7 2.5E-7
03/17/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.5E-7 2.7E-7
03/18/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
03/19/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
03/20/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
03/21/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
03/22/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
03/23/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
03/24/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
03/25/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
03/26/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
03/27/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
03/28/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
03/29/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
03/30/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
03/31/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/01/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/02/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/03/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/04/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/05/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/06/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/07/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/08/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/09/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/10/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 2.8E-7 3.0E-7
04/11/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/12/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/13/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/14/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/15/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/16/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 3.0E-7
04/17/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7
04/18/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7
04/19/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7
04/20/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7
04/21/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
04/22/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
04/23/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/24/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/25/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/26/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
04/27/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7
04/28/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
04/29/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
04/30/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
05/01/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7
05/02/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7
05/03/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
05/04/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
05/05/2023 3.0E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7
05/06/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 3.0E-7 2.9E-7
05/07/2023 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7 2.9E-7
05/08/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.9E-7 2.8E-7
05/09/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
05/10/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
05/11/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
05/12/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/13/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/14/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/15/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/16/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/17/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/18/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/19/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/20/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/21/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/22/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/23/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/24/2023 2.6E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7
05/25/2023 2.6E-7 2.6E-7 2.6E-7 2.6E-7
05/26/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7
05/27/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
05/28/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7
05/29/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
05/30/2023 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7 2.8E-7
05/31/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.8E-7 2.7E-7
06/01/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
06/02/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
06/03/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
06/04/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.7E-7
06/05/2023 2.6E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7
06/06/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7
06/07/2023 2.6E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7
06/08/2023 2.7E-7 2.7E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7
06/09/2023 3.2E-7 2.6E-7 2.7E-7 3.2E-7

Historical BlockChian Data

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