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Elon Musk Just Announces SpaceX Detects A Huge Object On One Of Their Missions!

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Just seven months into 2022, SpaceX has already completed as many missions as it did in all of 2021. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you hear that some of these missions have come in contact with mysterious objects. Elon Musk himself has mentioned this in his tweets. But is it really true? Has SpaceX really encountered UFOs? Stick till the end to find out…

In just a few years, Elon Musk’s fantasy of performing a greenhouse experiment on Mars was changed into a large number of rocket launches by establishing SpaceX, a private aerospace company.

Although the company’s early years were bleak, with Musk claiming that it was on the verge of failing, the platform went on to make history by launching its Falcon 1 rocket, succeeding in its fourth attempt with its fourth rocket after three failed attempts to reach orbit.

SpaceX was not an overnight success, with the company’s founders and investors playing a significant role in its current success. The California-based company has increased its credibility with contracts from NASA and the Air Force.


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  1. Why is the live stream suspended? Everyone on Earth has a right to know what's out there in space. It doesn't belong to anyone.

  2. ' which many believe' is nonsense and that phrase and fake silly stills prove it. REAL video proof will tell the facts. And not supposition and 'maybe'…

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