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Elon Musk Talk About His Twitter Influence and Crypto Sc@ms 😱

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To most people, Elon Musk’s tweet from earlier this week may have seemed like an outlier of sorts or even just an ill-advised attempt at humour. But in reality, it was probably one of the smartest and most truthful tweets he has ever posted on Twitter and highlights one of the biggest problems facing our society today.
With all the recent controversy surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Musk wants everyone to know that social media is dangerous and can have extremely negative consequences on our well-being both mentally and physically. Here’s why…

You don’t need social media

Elon Musk, who understands technology better than almost anyone on Earth, deleted his social media accounts yesterday and recommends that we do it too. How many times do you check your phone in a day? he asked in an interview. Probably many times. And every time you check your phone, you’re engaging with that little dopamine hit; every like you get, every cheeky retweet. These social media companies were never intended to be addictive — they were supposed to connect us with friends and family or to enhance communication between business partners — but somewhere along the way, they became just another tool for tech-savvy companies to make money from our personal data.
Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. But if you do decide to go cold turkey from social media, and delete your accounts today

How much time will you save? Lots of studies have shown that checking your phone all day not only saps your energy levels, but also reduces productivity. In one study published by Pennsylvania State University last year, researchers found that people who check their phones right after waking up actually have worse cognitive performance than those who don’t use their phones at all first thing in the morning.


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