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Elon Musk's Heinous Lies Exposed On Stage

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Elon Musk claimed he bought Twitter to help make the platform more free speech focused and yet recently explains how the platform will essentially shadow an users based on the blue checks.
John Iadarola and Dan Evans break it down on The Damage Report.

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Twitter to permanently ban impersonators, Musk says –

“Elon Musk announced Sunday “Twitter accounts engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended without warning,” going forward.

Why it matters: Musk said before he took over Twitter he’d “reverse the permanent ban” on former President Trump, arguing that permanent suspensions on the microblogging site “should be extremely rare.”

Musk has been a staunch advocate for free speech on Twitter and tweeted after the takeover, “Comedy is now legal on Twitter.”
The big picture: Several Twitter users have changed their profile names to “Elon Musk” to parody the world’s richest person since he completed the $44 billion acquisition of the company last month.

Details: “Previously, we issued a warning before suspension, but now that we are rolling out widespread verification, there will be no warning,” Musk tweeted. “This will be clearly identified as a condition for signing up to Twitter Blue.””

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  1. Geezuzchristalmighty, as a younger "boomer" I cannot Imagine giving a shit about Twitter or Facebook? Never been interested in either. Seems I dodged a bullet.

  2. Typical American business and politics – money talks. Also expect high placement for even higher fees….

  3. As long as you pay the money, verifying the account doesn't really factor much in (as the past cpl weeks have proven). I have no idea how people, who claim to be smarter than their actions are displaying, have not figured that out yet.

  4. Nazi loving, any surprise the guy was born in apartheid SA. And bots do not have $8, off course their boss does.

  5. I follow progressives on Twitter, and I usually get notifications when they post. But over the past week or so, I haven’t been getting any of my usual notifications. Instead, I’ve been getting notifications of tweets by people I don’t follow and have no interest in following. Like Matt Gaetz, Ben Shapiro, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc.

  6. I'm not verified. And I'm not a bot. 🙄Also my original account is suspended. I was being sarcastic and it got flagged as *misinformation*. I'm not a covid denier, I'm a nurse. I was mocking something. I've also seen plenty of people suspended or shut down. It wasn't just the right, even if they continue to play victim.

  7. LOL Lords and Peasants 😂 I think his problem is a lack of self-actualization and understanding of himself and how humans work.

  8. The deception is clear: Musk using the word 'verified' now only means that the credit card was verified by the bank.

    In Musk's Twitter, the meaning of 'verified' went from meaning that the person really is who they purported to be, to merely meaning that they paid to use the label 'verified'.

    It's a totally dishonest change. 🙄

  9. Twitter will lose a lot of subscribers. I won’t be paying them $8 a month and don’t really care to even be on the platform.

  10. what nonsense is that? To pay or not to pay is the juice of the individual regardless of political conviction.

  11. I left Twitter years ago. Now they want you to pay to tweet. My friends and I will never come back..

  12. I have Twitter, have never tweeted, and now it won't matter lol, because I'll just be a nonpaying user or in his words, a bot or a troll lol…my needs for Twitter are narrow, and I could easily just walk away.

  13. Wow…. The white guy from South Africa is creating a class system. Who. Woulda. Thunk. It😐

  14. The ones who pay us are VERIFIED IMPORTANT USERS TO TWITTER the ones that don’t or CAN’T pay are “BOTS AND TROLLS” of course! So the working class are immediately BOTS AND TROLLS…


  16. Elon Musk is disappointed that he wasn't around in the 30's in Germany because he would've won the war for the Nazi's. He would've grown a really nice square moustache as well.

  17. The most ironic part of it all is Musk is basically turning Twitter into “Troof Cential”. It will be JUST like it, but on a massive scale. He will soon be basically competing with Trump for subscribers and advertisers. It would be delicious if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Trump’s dump and it went down in flames, followed soon after by Musk AND his new propaganda machine…

    Hear me out…maybe we should encourage this and let it take them both out of the game…just a thought 🤓

  18. Use a different social platform. I hardly ever go on there, I've gone on there three times and I really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything!

  19. I am happy not to be part of twitter , I hope it goes bankrupt and back to normality like was before, 8 dólares time twitters accounts is highway robbery because already are using people data for free but you have to pay to comment ,

  20. OK Ill Grant you that Twitter is a bit of a mess right now, honestly it was a bit of a mess before, if the truth be told. All Billionaires like Elon musk are bad evil intending people. Sounds like stupid woke mentality. Can’t deal with complexity so focus on one thing, point out the fault so you feel better about yourself and get a few likes, pathetic. If something is free, you are the product. So twitter had a bot problem, what is your solution Mr. Arm chair genius. If you cared at all you would offer solutions and consideration rather than criticism and scorn. I really don’t expect you to get it, given your stated position. Give it some time and see what it looks like in 6-12 months,. As an artist, I can relate that creation is a messy business, it’s the end product that is to be admired. Your criticism is premature, miss guided and self serving.

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