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Elrond Whales l Itheum Listing Prognosis

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Elrond Whales l Itheum Listing Prognosis … If you don’t listen, you will get burned .. I guarantee

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00:00 Intro
00:45 The Lottery
01:27 Whales Again
05:05 Drama on Elrond Network
07:15 Do this at Itheum Listing

🔷Maiar HeroTag: @gszabi


Extreme Energy – Electric Guitar Music – Free Copyright –
Deaf Kev: Invincible –

Statement: Everything in the video is just my personal opinion, I do not give advice to anyone to sell or buy anything. Everyone trades on their own responsibility.


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  1. Bravo!!!
    This is what I love about your channel. The hard truth and nothing but the truth!
    Let’s hope people listen and stop whining for once.

  2. They will cry on telegram again "Daddy Benni pls help us! We were greedy little piggies again! We're only in it for the $ pls heeelp or scam! "
    He shouldn't have stepped in the first time either for those greedy piglets 🙂

  3. The whole IDO process including KYC rigged. Do not buy on the DEX with the rest of the dumb money you will get burnt. The smart money will dump on you, your loss is their gain. If you believe in the project buy in the bear market. I have seen some serious red flags with Itherum. This project is nothing like Holoride it does not compare.

  4. Thanks for illustrating the problem with these lottery systems. Elrond team needs to switch these pre-sales to a whitelisted first-come first-served pre-sale with an upper limit cap.

    As for the Itheum release on the Maiar DEX , yeah I'll start a small position after the post release dump.

  5. I won 2 tickets and already sold all for 40 egld. Bye bye. I don't care about the pump and dump

  6. No doubt the Elrond whales will dump the price Again when it get's over 500 dollars.

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