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#EOS Network Ventures #AMA w Yves La Rose, #Token2049, Pomelo S4 Now Open – #EOS Fireside Nov 16th

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This week the Fireside community gets updates on all the current projects and has an in-depth discussion with Yves La Rose about the ENF Network Ventures, who’s leading it, the differences between different funds, and how value is being driven back to EOS.

00:00:00 Welcome to the EOS Fireside Chat by Stephane
00:04:12 EOS Network Ventures (ENV) by Yves La Rose
00:07:35 The relationship between the ENF and the ENV by Yves La Rose
00:14:02 Who is leading the ENV by Yves La Rose
00:20:20 Difference between ENV fund and Busan MOU by Yves La Rose
00:50:45 MSIG consensus and governance by Yves
01:20:37 Driving value back to EOS by Robrigo, Yves
01:35:12 Open community questions by Yves, Stephane
01:46:41 ENF health report by Yves, Brandon
01:59:42 Token2049 London and dinner by Mel, Waxa, Rhett, Zack, Nathan
02:09:41 EOS Bees swarm update by Jesse, Nathan, Zack
02:22:03 Pomelo Season 4 update by Daniel, Stephane, Nathan, Zack, Denis
02:46:00 Community banter by Patrick, Stephane
02:55:33 Eden Fractal update by Dogman
03:00:00 EOS USDT on Binance by Yves la Rose
03:05:00 Community banter
03:10:46 Winnie says hi to the community! (new ENF Growth Marketing Manager)
03:12:22 Zack says hi to the community! (new ENF infrastructure dev)
03:15:45 Art Fair (Cologne, Germany) update by Martin
03:21:35 Go EOS!
03:22:00 Song by Patrick
03:24:35 End

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