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Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic (Proof-of-Stake vs Proof-of-Work)

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🤔 Back in 2016, the Ethereum blockchain witnessed a major hack due to a bug in a DAO on the network leading to a massive drain of funds.🔻 The older, original chain containing the history of the hack on the DAO was renamed to Ethereum Classic, while the new one that was salvaged from the hack was named Ethereum.💪

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Now let’s fast forward to 2022,🚀 Ethereum blockchain successfully completed the biggest blockchain upgrade in history, known as the Ethereum Merge. 🔥The Merge is a transition of the consensus mechanism from PoS to PoW which eliminates the need for energy intensive mining and makes the Ethereum blockchain more energy efficient.💚

🤓So basically, Ethereum Classic still works on the principles of the older generation of Ethereum – and so while the new one will adopt the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the older one will continue to operate on the more energy intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – What is Ethereum Classic?
4:42 – Difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic
7:41 – Conclusion

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How the Ethereum Merge impacted Ethereum Classic(ETC)?😨

For PoW enthusiasts, who still believe in the OG consensus mechanism, Ethereum Classic can be a good mining alternative option. This lead to

☑️Ethereum Classic hashrate surged by 280% following the Merge
☑️Ethereum Merge triggered a rally of nearly 150% in ETC Price

Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic Price today!😎

🌟ETH Price is currently trading around $1455 with a market cap of $178,044,536,033 and circulating supply of 122,416,197 ETH.

🌟ETC Price is currently trading around $33.98 with a market cap of $4,648,576,134 and circulating supply of 136,924,321 ETC

Okay now let’s not deep dive into the topic of ETH vs ETC in the description⚡, go watch this video till the end📹 to get a clear understanding on Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic before you take an investment decision.

Check out latest Ethereum Price at:

Check out latest Ethereum Classic Price at:

Read our detailed blog on Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic:

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However, like ALWAYS we recommend you to your own research #DYOR 🎯 before investing in any crypto asset. Happy Researching! 😊

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