Everdome – DOME Token

Everdome is a metaverse belonging to the Metahero ecosystem. Metahero ultra-HD avatars and real-world scanned objects will engage in the Everdome metaverse, which will act as the destination for Metahero’s tech to interact and flourish. Everdome thus aims to create a ubiquitous web3 experience, which sweeps users off their feet with its hyper-realistic graphics.

The Everdome metaverse wants to capitalize on the growing Metaverse trend that saw companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Nike getting onboard. The project envisions global adoption of the metaverse in the realms of social interaction, gaming, business, and others. It also expects the creation of land in the metaverse to follow a similar logic to the real world – one of scarcity and high prices for in-demand virtual real estate. With Everdome’s vision of a hyper-realistic metaverse, its metaverse aims to become such a scarce and high-value option.

The metaverse’s detailed roadmap projects the following milestones:

  • Q2/2022: NFT collection sale v1, celebrity partnerships, integration of Metahero 3D marketplace, VR experience
  • Q3/2022: world’s first metaverse stock & forex market v1, play-to-earn v1, VR experience v2
  • Q4/2022: Fashion marketplace v1, NFT markets integration v1, NPC release with exclusive AI upgrade, Adding multi-language support
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