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$1 Terra LUNA Classic is actually possible! When I looked at the math, I was shocked how quickly this new burn proposal could get LUNC price to $1!

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  1. If this works and we see $1 I would definitely fly that same day all the way from India to meet you and raise the toast!!!!, cheers 🍻 mate, absolutely great work brother

  2. The amount of work- he put into this recovery process is unbelievable, this is a true legend❤️☝️

  3. The amount of work- he put into this recovery process is unbelievable, this is a true legend❤️☝️

  4. 10b is far too much this is a proposal so people that bought billions can dump on all of you when it hits 1 dollar or above. If they wanted it to succeed they'd be looking for a 100m-1b coin circulation with all of the holders its easier to burn down to that by locking the price and implementing a 100% burn tax until the desired supply is reached it would only cost a few hundred each to do this but sadly they're working on peoples disparity and tricking them into this… this will dump at 1 dollar and leave everyone holding the bag

  5. Exchanges don't have all that supply. most is own by, you ,me , community and others etc, who will hold and therefore no burning 6 trillion. this has to rely on holders wanting to burn to bring the price up. Everyone burn a million LUNC. That will wipe a bit off. Still not sure on the burn wallet address. Straight to Do Kwon.

  6. Hey guys. Take my advice and information. I'm a successful crypto trader living in a 900 square ft apartment. But hey here's a chart.

  7. Don't you think the price will come spiraling down when it does hit $1.00, all of us keen to sell off to make a profit? will surely make it drop with a massive sell off.

  8. Only a few knows about this. That's why people call whoever says lunc can reach 0.01-1 dollar within couple of months crazy. That's why only a few will be filthy rich.

  9. If any rich goes crazy it can happen on fastest speed because we have built in momentum that will support any investors entering below $1 so once the proposal materialised we will see action beyond imagination.

  10. I have moved my classic to Terra Station I can wait for 11 year to cash.?So whenever I feel good in 11 years. I hope I am doing the right thing instead of jumping back and forth everyday.

  11. que encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesl abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  12. exchanges must accept it first. thats just a proposal that was passed. lets hope that exchanges do

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