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Gaming is a fun hobby many people (including myself) ​​enjoy in our free time. Thousands and Thousands of people have been making money from online gaming within the last few decades ,be it through Game streaming, Game testing ,Game Development and many more.


I played many online games ,some for years but in the end when you reached all your in-game goals and moved onto the next big over-hyped game.
It’s hard not to feel like you wasted all that time building up tons of virtual currency (or awesome end game gear) you cant do anything with except use it in that specific game. Sure, you made lots of new friends along the way ,had hilarious lol moments together and such.

But what if there was an alternative …

In a nutshell – Play2Earn games are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value, while still giving the player a normal gaming experience. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, weapons and other NFTs.

Now you can pocket some extra cash for that next gaming session pizza. Win-Win all around.

▬ Disclaimer – This is not financial advice!!! ▬

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