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FDA has approved Eli-cel (Skysona) and Blubird bio share should see a rebound Monday morning!

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Friends, as promised, here is the good news about approval of Bluebird Bio’s Eli-cel. they have no branded it Skysona and it will have a price tag of $3million. I provide my analysis and expectations in this video.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:16:28 title track
00:28:19 Announcing approval of Eli-cel and what it means to Bluebird.
03:32:03 Taking a look at price chart and projecting gains at Monday open.
06:07:18 Looking at how Bluebird managed its cash in past
09:18:08 Discussing current cash position and options going forward.
10:16:13 Conclusions

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Please do not trade or Invest based on this video. Information provided in this video is not investment advice and is for entertainment purposes only.


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  1. nice shirt Raj
    congrats on the BLUE win homie :^)
    cognratultions to all the genomic blue homies eh
    im happy for you all
    hope this makes everyone some gooood money eh
    also i hope this treatment makes a big difference and helps some people and lives eh

  2. I bought some back in June and it was only $4 ….this is exciting news !!! 🎉

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