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Feg Token | New Exchange Listing – Feg Token News| Feg Token Update | Feg Token Price Prediction

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Hello there!! Welcome, to my channel “Crypto Rico”. In today’s video I am gonna present feg token, new exchange listing – feg token news, feg token update, and feg token price prediction.

This currency is a non-inflationary digital currency. It is said that the main purpose of designing this currency was to create a decentralized exchange network based on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain. The position of the coming years will be determined by the trend of market fluctuations. However, this token is considered a successful token.
This currency can control the supply. Its maximum supply is 100 quadrillion tokens. In each Feg transaction, 1% tax is distributed among the holders of this currency, and 1% is burned. This is an incentive for the holders of this currency to have this currency for a long time. As supply decreases, token scarcity increases. This relative relationship has always existed for all currencies. On the other hand, there is no limit to the number of tokens that can burn. Many projects based on the Binance smart chain follow a token economy.

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📌9 FEG Burn Mechanisms:

✅FEG 2% Tax on 3 Tx’s:
(3) Buys/Sells/Transfers burn FEG
-1.1708%(+)/ transaction FEGeth
-1.1399%(+)/ transaction FEGbsc

✅0.5% of SmartDeFi sells Tx’s buy & burn FEG
✅0.1% of FEGex buys burn FEG
✅0.1% of FEGex sells burn FEG
✅0.5% of FEG p2p transfers burn FEG
✅0.5% of all presale totals buy & burn FEG


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