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Category rank I’m pretty much ranking this by Quant oh sorry rank out of five for who they are for what they are for who they serve Developers or for what they are interoperability I give them a four maybe a five actually because of how Innovative they are and how customizable they are

Sorry no I’ll put that as a five in category rank of interoperability total rank I would give them a four because I don’t know if they Ken lost in the long run without being overtaken by another copycat I’m not a developer I’m making my naivete no my ignorance known I don’t know

How difficult it is for another Foundation to create another better Cosmos I don’t know therefore I’m not going to say there are five out of five as a total project Pros about Cosmos they’re unique Cosmos uniqueness is its standout it’s an entire ecosystem it’s customizability for developers with

Layer twos that they can build and interoperability for decentralized applications that’s a huge incentive for developers to build on Cosmos we just on the Discord folks trying to ask how to build blockchains right there’s a whole educational component on their website very very welcoming for Developers binance also the world’s largest crypto

Currency exchange announced binance chain which we all know of now which is built on tender mint bft and call and with cosmos’s software development kit that’s a huge example of adoption from Cosmos okay another also another reason for other foundations and other groups of developers to build their own Cosmos

Because they see hey those guys did it and they partnered or they they got binance chain to be built on on their platform we can build something and get who knows who to be built on our platform right like it’s an incentive for copycats so the barrier to entry

Right is the technological know-how there’s a lot of smart folks out there people who are defecting from Microsoft and IBM so on and so forth all these quants all the Developers they’re out there and they’re building their own version of Cosmos I’m sure Khan’s not safe from imitation from

Projects with more funding all right other notes cosmos’s hubs value is measured by the blockchain economies that conduct business on the Hub through IBC cosmos’s value cosmoset value as a whole is measured by the blockchain economies that conduct business on it for instance the binance chain that’s a clear-cut example

Cosmos’s value directly comes from binance chain and other chains that are built on it cool so if another project comes with a better platformer or a better canvas for blockchains to be built on it cosmos’s toast all right unless the folks who are contributing to Cosmos are so loyal

And unless the tokenomics of Cosmos and how it’s managed how it’s distributed how it’s burned so on and so forth are so unique and so optimal and I don’t know if that’s the case someone can easily come here and and educate me on on otherwise so final verdict category rank in terms of

Interoperability is a five I’d rank quanta five as well um it’s total rank as a project as a four really unique not safe from imitation all right guys if you’ve stuck around for this long appreciate you guys tuning in don’t forget to like comment subscribe a

Lot more deep Dives on the way I’m the only person on YouTube doing deep Dives like this right in front of you guys I am out peace


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Welcome to our latest video where we give you the final verdict on Cosmos ($ATOM). In this video, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Cosmos and examining its strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth.

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Our team of experts has done extensive research and analysis to provide you with a comprehensive review of Cosmos. We’ll cover everything from the project’s history and development to its current market position and future prospects.

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