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Find The Best And Earliest Crypto Projects With Synapse's Cross Chain Launchpad?

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  1. UPI pawtocol is a great project with potential 100x..the world's most advanced pet community 🚀

  2. Investing done right has changed my perspective on how one can succeed in life. I've been able to clear my debt and go on to have surplus to take care of my family. Working multiple jobs for money isn't the optimal way to attain financial freedom. Unfortunately, we find this out later in life. Great video

  3. Man what a well put together video. I gotta say very informative and very knowledgeable and most importantly easy to follow. I appreciate it!

  4. You need to look at what vetter ai are doing! They are helping us find quality pre sale projects

  5. Alex's ego and mouth are far bigger than his brain. He mostly does logical things in the crypto space, which doesn't make him a brain, just not over emotional and stupid in reaction to what is happening daily.

  6. Excellent video, very well explained, could you explain something about the B3X ??? It seems a pretty solid project, a neo bank that has been operating for years, Visa cards without costs, allows you to sell and buy cryptos and with a token on the Algorand network. In times of macro recession you think there is a project with greater potential right now underway???. Thank you for your explanations, you do it very well. Thank you.

  7. Kadena is a centralized corporate chain. They promise what eCash is actually doing while being a real decentralized, secure solution – unlike Kadena.

  8. All of these coins need QUANT so make a video of QUANT and you’ll get alot more Subscribers !!

  9. DAG/Constellation is my pick. Only 3 billion supply, has a legit contract with the 🇺🇸 USAF, and is actually a Layer 0.

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