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Flare is the Number 91 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 0.04415154 symbol is FLR and Market Cap is 484710039 Dollars.FLR ATH Was 0.150073 at 2023-01-10T03:14:05.921Z and ATL was 0.0236988 at 2023-01-10T04:34:47.390Z.

In the last 24h, FLR high was 0.04523246$ And the low was 0.04288781$

Flare info:

  • Name: Flare
  • Symbol: FLR
  • MarketCap: 484710039$
  • Rank: 91
  • Price: 0.04415154 USD
  • Categories:

Price Info

Flare Price Info

Today Price 0.04415154$
ATH (ALL TIME HIGH) 0.150073$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -70.63271%
ATH Date 2023-01-10T03:14:05.921Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 0.0236988$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 85.96871%
ATL Date 2023-01-10T04:34:47.390Z
Market Cap 484710039$
Total Volume 17139275$
High 24h 0.04523246$
Low 24h 0.04288781$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day 23.13129%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day %
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day %
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day %
Price Change Percentage in a Year %

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FLR Historical Chart

Flare Candlestick Chart

Flare Cryptocurrency: Your Guide to Unlocking Results

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, many new concepts and ideas have arisen, but Flare cryptocurrency is something new altogether. Flare, in brief, is a new blockchain protocol that works with the existing Ethereum blockchain. This combination will offer users a host of new features and capabilities, making it a more versatile and robust blockchain than before. With the introduction of Flare, we can expect developments in the way we can interact with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Flare's main goal is to bring the smart contracts which are present in many Ethereum-based networks to create a new digital currency. The idea is to bring together the smart contract features into one unified system that is then secured by Flare's unique consensus algorithm. This allows the system to handle all kinds of different operations from simple payments to more complex operations such as decentralized applications. This could be beneficial for users who are interested in using Ethereum for more than just payments, but who are also looking for a more advanced system to interact with.

The main feature of Flare is its Flexible Virtual Machine which enables users to create and execute smart contracts. The underlying code for these contracts is written in Dart, a programming language developed specifically for Flare. This language has a range of advanced functions that allow developers to work with blockchain contracts with ease. This means that every time a user creates a contract, the developer can come up with different ways to implement the contract and even add custom features to it.

Flare also has its own currency, called FLR. This cryptocurrency can be bought and sold on the blockchain and can be used to pay for the processing and storage of transactions on the network. This makes it a useful tool for developers who want to build decentralized applications on the blockchain. With FLR, users can also pay for transactions and services on the Flare blockchain. Additionally, FLR is also traded on numerous exchanges, which makes buying, selling, and transferring easier and more convenient.

To sum up, Flare is an exciting new cryptocurrency that has been designed to improve and revolutionize the way we interact with blockchain technology. With the introduction of this new protocol, we can expect the development of many new applications that can take advantage of the expanded capabilities of the blockchain. This could be beneficial for a range of users from casual cryptocurrency investors to developers working with smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Flare also provides users a range of advantages over other blockchains such as faster transaction speeds and improved security. Additionally, the team behind Flare is constantly working on adding new features that can make the platform even more enticing for users. There is a lot of potential for growth and development with Flare and it is expected to be an important part of the cryptocurrency landscape moving forward.

Exchanges List. where To Buy Flare FLR

Name Trust Price Link
BingX green 0.04403 https://bingx.com/en-us/spot/FLRUSDT
MEXC Global green 0.04406 https://www.mexc.com/exchange/FLR_USDT
BKEX green 0.044048 https://www.bkex.com/#/trade/FLR_USDT
Bitfinex green 0.044063 https://www.bitfinex.com/t/FLRUST
Kraken green 0.04396 https://trade.kraken.com/markets/kraken/flr/usd
KuCoin green 0.04407 https://www.kucoin.com/trade/FLR-USDT
OKX green 0.04407 https://www.okx.com/trade-spot/flr-usdt
DigiFinex green 0.0440149 https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/trade/USDT/FLR
Bitfinex green 0.044471 https://www.bitfinex.com/t/FLRUSD
Bybit green 0.04405 https://www.bybit.com/trade/spot/FLR/USDT
Gate.io green 0.044029 https://gate.io/trade/FLR_USDT
Bitbank green 5.735 https://bitbank.cc/app/trade/FLR_JPY
Kraken green 0.04054 https://trade.kraken.com/markets/kraken/flr/eur
KuCoin green 0.04411 https://www.kucoin.com/trade/FLR-USDC
Bithumb green 55.33 https://www.bithumb.com/trade/order/FLR_KRW
OKX green 0.04403 https://www.okx.com/trade-spot/flr-usdc
BtcTurk PRO green 0.8401 https://pro.btcturk.com/pro/al-sat/FLR_TRY
Bitrue green 0.044118 https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_usdt
BitMart green 0.044109 https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?layout=basic&symbol=FLR_USDT
Huobi green 0.0439 https://www.huobi.com/en-us/exchange/flr_usdt
Paribu green 0.7303
Bitrue green 0.1116 https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_xrp
CoinEx green 0.044286 https://www.coinex.com/trading?currency=USDT&dest=FLR#limit
Crypto.com Exchange green 0.044228 https://crypto.com/exchange/trade/spot/FLR_USD
Bitubu Exchange yellow 0.04404 https://bitubu.com/trading/flrusdt
Hotbit yellow 0.04498 https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=FLR_USDT
Bitrue yellow 0.044858 https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_usdc
BtcTurk PRO yellow 0.044 https://pro.btcturk.com/pro/al-sat/FLR_USDT
LBank yellow 0.04424 https://www.lbank.info/exchange/flr/usdt
Poloniex yellow 0.04396 https://poloniex.com/exchange#flr_usdt
Bithumb yellow 1.93E-6 https://www.bithumb.com/trade/order/FLR_BTC
CEX.IO yellow 0.03682
ProBit Global red 0.0539 https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/FLR-USDT
Valr gray 0.0451
Coinfield 0.055 https://trade.coinfield.com/pro/trade/FLR-USDT
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