Gameplay de la branche terrestre ARMA 3 - Phase 3 de l'opération Kraken

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ARMA 3 CIA SAD Gameplay – Operation Kraken phase 3


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Q: What are your system specs?
A: i7 6700k, Geforce RTX 2070, 32 gigs of ram, 250 gig SSD, 500 gig SSD

Q: What do you use for recording and streaming?
A: OBS for video and system audio; Audacity for personal audio. OBS Studio and/or SLOBS for streaming

Q: Why don’t you play in First Person?
A: I’m a 3rd person gamer. I hate first person. Please don’t try to “convince” me otherwise as if I am unaware of the gaming style I prefer.

Q: Were you in the Military?
A: US Army 99-06, Radio Operator(25C). Non-Combat Veteran.

Q: Is that AI or real people?
A: If it’s an ArmA Mission it’s AI unless I very specifically state otherwise. The 506th doesn’t PvP.

Q: What ArmA 3 mods do you use?
A: CUP Terrains, RHS Escalation, CBA A3, TFAR, ACE3, cTab, FHQ Accessories, mrb A3 Voice Stop, Switch Weapons While Moving, Ares/Achilles, Splendid Smoke, MRT Accessories Functions, Mighty GAU-8, ACSZ Missing Content, Cypress Push to Hear, BaBe Mid Range Texture Fixes, Mao Sway and Recoil Fix, ZEC Templates, Enhanced Movement, Project OPFOR, RH Accessories, and finally JSRS without the RHS plugin for RHS weapon sounds and JSRS environmental sounds.

For SF missions: VSM Gear, TRYK Gear, Robert Hammer Pistols, and a variety of ArmA community maps.

Q: Can you upload that mission so I can play it?
A: Nearly all of the missions I play are dynamically created by someone controlling Zeus in ArmA. They are therefore not available for upload.

Q: No debrief?
A: When we debrief in game I leave it in. We very rarely debrief in game. Debriefs are rare, not the norm, and they never will be.

Q: Can I join your ArmA unit?
A: 506th IR Realism Unit: (Must be 18 or older)

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  1. Jesus, fuck Cherry. That is some next level how to dismount a IFV in combat underwear.

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