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Disney is ending the series of golden moments Veve NFT drops with a weird combo drop of a ginny lamp that grants two wishes. You can get the letter D from Disney, a sorcerer or you can get nothing. Question is: Will Disney leave Ecomi Veve for good or are there other implications we can draw from what we have seen so far. An important role play the evidence from the Veve App and what we have seen in the articles about the Disney incubator. Polygon is one of 6 NFT projects for 2022. Could Disney make a move to their own NFTs and Blockchain integration? PS: They stole my corn field and I am mad as f**** because I did not get the Disney Ginny Lamp and Flippers have the best day of their lives.

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  1. marvel is leaving they are created their own metaverse with niantic ,sadly the veve team dragged their feet and lost their advantage

  2. 10k Lamps sellout in 1 second on some app that is essentially beta and relatively unknown…Disney be like “yeah, this just isn’t work for us”.

  3. Wasn’t able to land the lamp on drop, oh well was able to get Vader, boba, af15 and asm300 on drop, can’t win them all! RIP CORNFIELD OFFICE! FULL-DEGEN VEVE-APES RISE UP🦧

  4. I think Disney has a longterm plan for web3 and veve is going to be a big part of it. Great video hodler! RIP Corn 🌽

  5. Honestly I think people (omi holders) are getting little bit fed up that they take so long before omi utility begins. Most veve collectors are here For making money not to collect. Hurry up with omi to nft , mcp etc etc

  6. What's wrong with you? Is this click bait or something. Why the f would this be the end of Disney? They have a bunch of other Disney drops that have nothing to do with gms.

    Poor video man. So disappointing to see this weird trash topic

  7. All Disney has to do is say yes to a deal and collect the money, so I am certain they will have future dealings with VeVe and many others in the space as well. Especially now it is a proven system and is still growing, I can't see any reason for them to stop forever, just move into a new phase.

    Corn rug pull is worst rug pull. 🙁

  8. Haha… man, Ive been in since March of 2021… there’s not many new you tubers I follow.

    Keep it up, keep giving me the SWEET always changing backgrounds and confidence degen style!

  9. flooding of Golden Moments was never a great idea. Glad it has stopped, now the original releases can start gaining value again.

  10. Yes, Disney will leave. End of discussion. Full stop. Now, send OMI to 0.0009. I've been waiting for so long!

  11. I think Disney is here for a while, but it looks like 'the bottom is in' on the cornfield has officially been confirmed, rip cornfield lol!

  12. No this is NOT the end. Disney's contract with VEVE will expire end of this year. So right now they are in talks to renegotiate another (possible) longer contract. This will be the end of Golden moments but something new will happen next year. Could be platnium or silver or something else. But I expect bigger things to happen with Disney next year. However there is the possibility both companies do not reach an agreement. Thus opening the doors for new brands for next year. OUT with Disney….. IN with Toei Animation, Pokemon, Niantic, Sports and automobile companies for next year.

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