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“Bloomberg Crypto” covers the people, transactions, and technology shaping the world of decentralized finance. This week is all about the collapse of FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Antonio Juliano, Founder & CEO of decentralized exchange dYdX, says decentralized finance will be bigger than centralized finance in 10 years. Mick Mulvaney, Former Acting Chief of Staff for President Donald Trump, says we might get decent piece of legislation in response to the FTX crisis.

00:00 welcome
01:00 bitcoin check
3:40 FTX fallout
8:00 DeFi vs centralized
15:00 regulating crypto
22:00 digital dollar

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  2. Bloomberg carefully cut out the phrase about millions usd flow to Democrat party and "trump lose" on ftx balance sheet…
    There was no LACK of regulation.. Sec met ftx multiple times prior to collapse..

  3. <<<<<>>>>>I feel sad that even though I am investing, I don't have the brain power to dig through how each company is doing, is this a good time to buy stocks or not, my reserve of $50K is laying waste to inflation and I don't know what to do at this point tbh, I need solid data on market trajectory<<<<<<>>>>>

  4. I'm having trouble understanding why people who wanted to go Black/Grey market and avoid regulations/FDIC are shocked that this happened…kinda the most logical conclusion…

  5. If the regulators was doing their job Kenneth Griffin and his Citadel fraud would have been in jail by now. What an hypocrite

  6. Kenny Griffin is a bigger criminal than SBF, while doing the exact same thing as SBF. They're both fraudsters

  7. Did the financial journalist vet their favorite stars or personalities before giving them too much exposure or promotions ?

  8. It looks like they have no clue how DeFi works, you can tell how they ask questions like "can you make money in DeFi?"

  9. The obly regulqtion in defi that is needed is for the token holders to be responsible forpaying for an auditor regulated by the SEC once the coin reaches a certain value. Besudes that refulators should leqve defi alome.

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  11. I thought all the transactions in blockchain can be tracked to beginning. So why can't FBI/SEC track down those toxic transactions and undo?? Or you don't wanna compensate investors that lost money?

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  13. I respect ✊ your 🔝🔝🔝 service and I can’t deny it. Thanks ☺️

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  18. Dems send Billions of Tax Dollars to the Ukraine CIA Proxy WAR. CIA Ukraine Puppet parks it in FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried launders it back into Democrat Party US sElections & Politicians. Everybody gets their cut, including Republicans. Music stops… criminals scramble for last ponzi scheme chair. How fast will the TV Limited Hangout make the story disappear like our tax dollars? How many people are about to commit Epstein???

  19. Sam: Hey everyone heres my Toyota I also want to give away my money

    World: Oh he seems nice let's give him Billions

    Sam: I donated your money to my GF lol

  20. We must embrace DeFi if USA holds its Constitution rights still. DeFi embraces transparency and trust. We have the exact opposite just now from TradFi with dark pools, fractional reserves ect

  21. You can call AMC18T bots but that does not change the fact that the shill is absolutely deserved. Out of all launches we had, talk about ETH, talk about XRP, talk about all these new chains but AMC18T breaks everything.

  22. it's okay, the market has been very tough recently and you did your best. i'm starting to think about selling all of my coins for tether ans AMC18T now too

  23. After the Etherem ecosystem, AMC18T is the best ecosystem available on the market and most people don't understand this yet, I believe due to lack of marketing. Thank you so much for bringing us this kind of content!

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