FTX collapse is ‘slow-motion train wreck running into a dumpster fire full of black swans’: Analyst

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The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast Host Scott Melker joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Rachelle Akuffo and Dave Briggs to look at the full picture of the crypto market amid FTX’s downfall and the exchange’s bankruptcy filing alongside Sam Bankman-Fried’s resignation.
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  1. How come they don’t talk about Joe Biden giving money to Ukraine and Ukraine presidency investing that money into FTX and FTX supporting the democrats party with Millions ????

  2. Looks like AMC22T is also a scam after all the comments praising it, they read unnatural and mercenary, as if they were paid to praise it to the skies…ha!

  3. Nooo! Really?!
    If you didn’t see this train coming from a mile away…
    The same people who loved FTX are now screaming foul. It’s amazing how many people believe their BS.
    Dig Deeper.

  4. Really looks like Gary Gensler is involved in this disaster too! the Democrats too… SBF was the #2 donor to their platform.

  5. If SBF is still alive, he is a great threat for the US Government and US Dollar. I am sure the US Government will find a way to neutralize this great danger 🙂

  6. I’m really privileged to meet you Dremahack, I appreciate all the efforts you made recovering my invested assets.

  7. didn't mark cuban stood next to voyager and offer his personal sales code, now hes bashing them cause they turn out to be fraud?? this scott is disgusting, so is mark cuban

  8. The sky is falling and all these analysts are like "Uhhhh, buy bitcoin" because they lost a ton of money in FTX and their "diversified" portfolio includes Bitcoin. So they're pumping it up as a stable currency in order to convince people to buy it so they get some of their losses back. It's down 90%, people… what "stable" industry or company drops 90% of its value every few years??

  9. Bernie Madoff, now Sam Bankman fried two Jewish boys but everyone talking and hating Kanye and Kyrie. Jewminati is real. They tried to tell y’all.

  10. All of this just confirms government regulation is a good thing. And without it, Crypto will continue to fail.

  11. Honestly, I was skeptical about the withdrawal process but it turned out successful, I still can’t believe I finally made withdrawals, all thanks to DREMAHACK

  12. I saw the warning signs and sold all crypto 3 months ago! Bitcoin, maybe two or 3 more cryptos are only safe ones???? JMO

  13. It's hard to place blame? Blame all of them.
    Idk if this guy is new. Probably new. Because he should have known how many times SEC screwed people.

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