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How to connect your first strategy for FTX. On the EndoTech website, go ahead and choose the FTX exchange out of all the options. Then choose the strategy you would like to connect and click, and set up the strategy. Copy and paste your API key and secret API key into the right tabs. If you’re using a sub-account on FTX, you’ll have to tick the box and indicate your sub-account name. Make sure that the right balance shows up on our site before you click continue. If it isn’t the right balance, please double-check your API keys.

The last step will be paying your annual licensing fee. You can make the payment using USDT, Ether, or BTC to one of EndoTech’s trusted wallets. Make sure you’re using the right network to execute the withdrawal from your FTX exchange. Once you’ve made the withdrawal, FTX will provide you with an internal transaction number, a TX-ID. This is the confirmation number for your payment. Paste it on the TX-ID tab and click confirm payment. The system will then recognize your transfer and then to activate your strategy, you click start trading. For more information or help, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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