FTX CONTAGION: Genesis Loans, Gemini, Voyager & BlockFi

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:14 FTX Update
0:00:58 BlockFi Retains Legal Advisors
0:01:27 Voyager Drops FTX And May Distribute Crypto Anyway
0:02:07 Gemini Exchange Problems
0:02:51 Genesis Lending Freezes
0:04:33 iTrust Capital Uses Coinbase Custody
0:05:07 Ledger Wallet Giveaway

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  1. Crypto is imploding from all the scam and ponzi that were purposely allowed to led to this situation.

  2. Gemini is doing fine. The earn program was very shady. If you put money into that you deserve to lose.

  3. Damnit Aaron The giveaway was what 20 hours ago. I click the link and you are no longer accepting responses. 🙁 super sad. I guess I have less than 10 hours to claim these giveaways after your video drops….

  4. Wonder when all of this will end… seems like there's a new cex halting withdrawals every other day now.

  5. Gemini is actually doing fine, except for maybe the earn program on there. The only other issue is that they charge higher fees to buy crypto, compared to other exchanges.

  6. Ledger stores your coins but how do these ledger wallets actually work? Does it store your seed phrase? Or does it have its own seed phrase?

  7. I would recommend to educate our folks on safety regarding hardware wallets. Never accept one not coming straight from the supplier. I would say you could send a credit and then people buy it themselves. Lovely though though 👍👍

  8. I thought FTX was in chapter 15 after the conversation this morning on Twitter but I could be wrong. Is there anyway you can clarify that. Thank you for all of your reporting. You're an amazing human. Keep it up. Don't listen to the haters

  9. Gemini is doing fine, it's their Grow/Earn program that's the problem. You have to use an exchange if you're trading BTC right now, which is lucrative to do. And it's one of the most secure one's due to their 1:1 reserve for the regular exchange connected wallets. Again, not the interest earning program. Those are all toast IMHO. Failed business model for crypto.

  10. Sbf could have shorted market when he learned cz was dumping. 2 billion plus leverage could have got him out

  11. 🤬IT APPEARS YOU HAVE LEARNT NOTHING FROM THE COLLAPSE OF FTX, Almedia, Celsius, voyager, blockFi , Gemeni, Mt Gox . People have lost their life savings, their houses, their lives. You have just shilled yet another centralized institution that can go bust. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you have a problem with self custody don't go into crypto. If it is not your keys, it's not your wallet, if it is not your wallet it's not your money – It's fundamental. plus you have just lost a subscriber and I may make a formal complaint to youtube.

  12. I've been with you from the beginning, my man! Thank you for all the information on Celsius and now with this whole FTX mess. I was completely wrecked through all this, as I feel for all that are involved. It's truly heartbreaking. With that's said, where is the safest place to buy our crypto back? And best place to store it with no risk of it being taken again? 🙏

  13. Odd with so many issues with YouTubers suggesting crypto companies that hold your funds, that people are still pitching itrust

  14. Another lending platform just went under called Myconstant. They just rugged and deleted all social media profiles. Site is still up, but I am not expecting it to be for long.

  15. Lol so many YTers promoting these hardware wallets. I honestly couldn’t imagine having to worry about my crypto being on a physical flash drive. Just keep your shit in an actual wallet and use defi. That’s what crypto is for. Not to sit on a drive in a drawer. Far higher chance for me of losing/destroying that, than for my browser or iPhone to be hacked and somehow drain my crypto wallets.

  16. Gemini's yield is the only problem with the exchange. They are regulated with the SEC and New York. The earn account is outside the Gemini Exchange. I have never had any problems with Gemini since 2015. They are one to one in the exchange. Please give all the facts or not at all.

  17. I took all my money out of Gemini the day CEL froze accounts. And I must say I was aware of their terms of how they lent out customer coins upfront…..unlike CEL where it was hidden in long documents apparently. I still haven't seen it.

  18. I was hit by Voyager and Celsius. And still kept crypto in BlockFi and Gemini. And now I have to go through two more bankruptcies. Although officially both have just paused withdrawals. Gemini says something about temporarily disabling Earn till Genesis clears things up (paraphrasing). Hopefully there is nothing in the Genesis terms of service where we assume all risks and they are not in the hook for our coins.

  19. I think democrats will try to protect sbf. If unable to protect him they will take the drastic step of protecting themselves. Just my personal conspiracy theory.

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