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3rd Week of November, 2022

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Topics Covered

0:00 Intro

5:30 Bitcoin Miners
7:30 Burniske Calls Bottom
13:30 CeFi Ded

16:00 SBF
23:20 Vox Interview
27:45 Summary Thread
31:05 Alameda Mentality
32:40 Company Slack

34:40 New FTX CEO
36:30 It’s Bad

38:20 Genesis
39:00 Fallout
42:20 BlockFi
43:30 FTX Bailout
44:20 Other Fallout
Galois –
Multicoin –
Circle Yield –
45:45 Lazy DD

47:10 Committee Hearing
47:50 Lawsuit

48:44 Proof of Reserves

50:30 Mainstream Reporting
SBF Donator –
Blaming CZ –

55:30 Twitter Coverage
Hsaka –

57:50 3AC Redemption Arc
Kyle –
Su –
Bali –

1:02:00 StarkNet Token
1:03:15 USDC Apple Pay
1:03:38 Solana Deprioritized

1:04:25 NFTs
Yuga Beeple –
Nike –
Sony –
1:05:55 Bankless Podcast Collectibles

1:09:30 Cosmos ATOM 2.0
1:10:06 CBDC Trial

1:10:30 Releases
DeFiLlama –

Permissionless –

1:13:00 Matter Labs
1:13:37 CZ Investing

1:14:00 Jobs

1:16:00 The Only Path
1:17:30 Stay Vigilant
1:18:50 Free Wizards

1:20:05 What David’s Bullish On
1:25:00 What Ryan’s Bullish On

1:26:50 MEME of the Week

Moment of Zen

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  1. Now is not a stable time in the cryptocurrency market, so it is better to earn a stable income on Crypton cryptocurrency.

  2. Thanks z5cracks The world has been pretty bad lately.. Almost everyone have been crying practically, but it kept happening. That’s what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thanks to you. I’m not bothered with how bad the world is because my assets are insured due to your advice and I still receive my money back

  3. Thanks z5cracks The world has been pretty bad lately.. Almost everyone have been crying practically, but it kept happening. That’s what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thanks to you. I’m not bothered with how bad the world is because my assets are insured due to your advice and I still receive my money back

  4. FTX is done. They all got scammed. I've turned my eyes on cosmos as a result. Nolus Protocol is one project I've got my eyes on. Its gonna be big in the coming years.

  5. If this event doesn't show just how worthless "layer zero" is, then I don't know what will.
    Hopefully this serves as the impetus for a back to basics movement where what's written on chain is the Crypto Bible…trustless or bust (literally)

  6. Answering question re-CNBC. Yes they are 💯 using this to paint crypto as gambling/scams. Bc of course they are. The stock market can’t collapse and crypto be seen as a safe haven. They either go together, or 🤞 crypto baindaid rips off and blows over enough that they have to report rest of finance failing. Their audience has made their minds up one way or another on crypto. They want to buy crypto low while retail holds the securities bag and Wall Street transitions to blockchain tech of course used in the most nefarious ways. Ha just my sunrise thoughts. The democrat party participation in this is making me nauseous bc I don’t know what to think. They want control big government, the Republican Party sucks too. I hate politics. We need defi and we need to all personally take control of our finances before the gvt can do it.

  7. Have you guys apologized to bitboy yet he was spot on and you guys were very condescending to him

  8. This show has become a political right wing show like wtf. This is not why I turned in every single Friday to watch you guys. Now you’re pushing political parties and agendas? I’m not with that, makes me think you’re being paid to promote a party. I’m not a democrat nor a republican but I’m tired of this show turning into a political agenda. Your information is one sided and doesn’t tell the whole story. Sam also donated millions to the republicans party but Ryan and David don’t want you to know that. Both parties are not to be trusted but be careful when they push on more than the other constantly.

  9. Have you come across Bret Weinstein, he does this kind of thing but from a pandemic and vaccine perspective, perhaps there is some crosssover, it appears so.
    They seem to be parallel worlds.
    Also, his brother Eric, mentioned the seemingly fictional character of Epstein, who was suicide in 2019, just ahead of the meteoric rise of FTX.
    Apparently JE has offshore funds connected with Maxwell estate, who was also suicide a long time ago.

  10. I think Preston Pysh nailed it, when I heard him on "what Bitcoin did", explaining how VC's were likely multi tasking whilst SBF was asking for more funding whilst playing League of Legends,
    one of them would say, "I like this guy" then the others, not likely paying attention, would simply YOLO in on their colleagues judgment, with, yeah best founder ever, or words to that effect.

  11. Federal Tax Xtradition CEO Scam Bankrupt Fraud, Alamaedoff with your cash, to pay off politicians offshore.

  12. The tweet thread is about deleting tweets, at the same time you tweet, so you dont change your number of tweets that would set off alerts etc.

  13. you think they didn't hack people's data? To exploit at later date? If ftx website and app was spy ware all along. All they need is a big hack on a big profile person or wallet, to change narrative on crypto to bring about CBDC based on the Bahamian model.

  14. Stop wasting time and money on things that doesn't matter, invest it so you can have multiple streams of income 🔴🔴

  15. SBF was doing the weird several day tweet thread to make a post, and delete an old tweet to trip up the twitter delete bot. The bot counts total posts at the end of each day, so in order to remove a post and not show up with the bot, he had to add a bunch of posts.

  16. US liberal media are liars.

    2016 media, FBI Russian Collusion lie, which Obama had intelligence agents spy on opposition during eleciton
    2020 media, 51 intelligence agents and FBI lied about Hunter Bidens "russian" laptop…….

    At first, its only just the "other" that is affected, in the end its near everyone.

    Gentleman, Media is not "missing" anything here, they are not that stupid, no one is.

  17. I listened to this video and I don't get how you just give a pass to the statement by Sam that he was laundering money for the democrat party. HIS BIGGEST CUSTOMER was the democrat party –money from Ukraine given by OUR government moved into FTX and given to democrat candidates. So he stole customer money and got fake loans but HIS business was moving money from overseas to into this country for the party. He will roll. He will roll on the democrat party and walk or the democrat will buy him. This is why he thinks he can get 10 billion dollars out of the thin air. He knows who he is going to roll on.

  18. You buy miners at the bottom of the bear and it significantly out preforms btc spot… def ugly in a bear.. but that’s why you would buy a miner

  19. Btw eth is in distribution mode with a lock on staked eth which indices bulls in 2020 with the promise of funds in 2021-22 and now nope

  20. I don't think you are being completely fair regarding the media articles. They definitely have been reporting about the collapse. It seems to me that those articles are just some of many and they are just trying to wring out as many different stories from it as possible.

  21. One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!




  22. Bankless is the only legit crypto YouTube channel that exists. Even Coin Bureau is still talking about "ETH Killers" its like, move on man, ETH already won the L1 race. Lets start talking about L2s on ETH…. Hes like that "Guy" that cant get over his EX girlfriend that cheated on him. Its pretty pathetic…..

  23. CZ is a joker that's trying to buy time, the guy is more centralized than Central Park….Binance is basically the "North Korea" of centralized exchanges. I bet CZs favorite song is by the Backstreet Boys…. "Cuz I want it that way"

  24. this is becoming my favorite 60-90mins on youtube all week. unique information, delivered in a digestible form while still pretty entertaining. Bankless is killing it. Please don't collapse.

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