FTX Taking Over Crypto | SBF Buying Voyager & Celsius?

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Sam Bankman-Fried could acquire assets from bankrupt crypto lender Celsius, Bloomberg reported.
SBF already acquired Voyager Digital assets in a massive $1.4 billion deal. CEO Alex Mashinsky stepped down on Tuesday as part of the process, reports say. Could this all be a big advertising ploy or part of an attempt to monopolize all of crypto?

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~FTX Taking Over Crypto | SBF Buying Voyager & Celsius?~
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  1. Don't ever make the mistake of believing that market success has to come to you fast. Trade small, stay in the game, persist and eventually you'll reach a satisfying level of proficiency

  2. Isn't this a big play to gobble up all areas of crypto in the US? This bit license issue and it allowing SBF/ FTX to eliminate many other players by pushing the bit license. SBF FTX might be distancing himself from the issue but he is supporting the license. We are in a battle for privacy and decentralization.

  3. I saw a video that said Sam Bankman-Fried is working with regulator to get Federal Bitlicense passed so that they can enjoy a monopoly over crypto. If passed it would outlaw peer to peer transfers. Don't be fooled he is not the white knight in shining armor. He is helping the forces to be keep control over you and your assets.

  4. Paul, don’t forget that the “users” FTX are buying are likely repeats. Meaning, most users already have accounts with FTX, Voyager AND Celsius so I don’t think FTX is winning as much. I bet they’re really only “buying” about 1/3 NEW customers.

  5. Dam stole my crypto account ftx u.s buys this stuff by stolen funds from people like myself because ftx u.s kicks out people if their account and there is no cust support to login they just steal your crypto worst business if all they will go down big cus it can’t go past Gid is watching you

  6. Dont trust FTX and that SBF very dangerous to rely on him with his centrelize exchange

  7. Let’s go FTX for saving many families lives especially my family 🙏 god is great

  8. Just short FTX all day !! lol i stopped using ftx when sam came out and said bad things about BTC.. thats just dumb! u dont insult something that is made to make the world a better place.. Screw SAM he might as well be the feds.. Probably a WEF sympathizer.

  9. Why is Sam b f one biggest Biden supporters we need all them people blk listed sell ftx and sol

  10. Yeah there doing it because he is buying up my assets and blocking me out and I'm sanctioned

  11. it's quite interesting and informative, having invested thousands of dollars in a reputable company, I have no doubts in the cryptocurrency market, with the right skills you will enter the market…

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